From text to animation, from data to 3D illustration, from one departmental documentation storage to integrated systems and platforms, the world shifts to digitalisation solutions to reach widespread communication. Environmental practitioners possess pieces of knowledge; digitalisation transforms the experience into digital know-how. The combination of two aspects contributes to a digestible expression of technical proposal.  The prevalence of digitalisation changes the perception of the people. The challenges of adaptation are to combine all the expertise into one.

We power environmental practice by digitalisation.

We let technology master the task that is harsh for human.

We support our clients at ease by managing critical, time-consuming administration and management tasks.

Our Key solutions

Who are we? ANewR Consulting Group has been venturing into environmental areas since 2008. Instituted by a team of seasoned environmental experts, acoustical specialists, and electronic engineers, we are proficient in rendering one-stop environmental and digital services to public and private sectors across Asia and Europe. Why do we want to combine digitalisation and environmental service? Digitalisation empowers cities with inclusion capability. We see social inclusion by facilitating stakeholders’ comprehensive engagement to contribute their viewpoints on infrastructural schemes to investigate the best to dwindle the potentially far-reaching impacts.

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