Multi-Channel Acoustic System

Aiming high and far is the beginning of development. Developing digital solutions for environmental assurance is no easy task involving determination, review, test, and integration. We act on development to acoustic visualisation on preventive maintenance. The past manual measurement method takes money and human resources, and time. Our system’s most significant advantage is to solve the manual scheduled inspection and maintenance problems by identifying potential flaws without interrupting regular operation. It is a combination of acoustics and vision analytics technologies. The working concept is straightforward: identifying the noise with the acoustic camera and a CCTV at a specific spot, detecting abnormal machine running and tracks by identifying the high-frequency noise.

why multi-channel monitoring

Artistry defect causes sound leakage

Abnormal sound represents an operational defect

Noise is omnidirectional and reverberant. It is difficult to identify the sound source

The noise reduction performance of the innovative noise mitigation designs is only determined experimentally concerning distance and elevated angles from the traffic sources, the opening size, overlapping length, gap width and absorptive material. We cannot be sure of the actual performance in a real-world living situation.


ANewR offers a state-of-the-art Six-Channel Acoustic Measurement System and Acoustic Camera, which comply with international standards. Besides, we also provide quality professional services in acoustic consultancy and associated noise measurements. All noise measurements are undertaken according to the most rigorous QA procedures and methodologies of the international standards to ensure quality data for our Clients.

Our service and solution

Noise Source Identification Test
Sound Attenuation Performance Test of Noise Barrier
Sound Attenuation Performance Test of Acoustic Window
Sound Power Level Determination for PME/QPME Application
Road Traffic Noise Measurement
Class 1 Sound Measurements to Latest International Standards
Building Acoustics
Real-time Analysis in 1/1-, 1/3- and 1/12-octave bands
Analysis of logging profiles

project showcase

  • Sound Attenuation Performance Test of Noise Barrier on Road Traffic Noise at Ultima, Ho Man Tin
  • Sound Attenuation Performance Test of Specially Designed Window / Door on Road Traffic Noise at Phase 1 of the Ex-North Point Estate Development
  • Sound Attenuation Performance Test of Acoustic Windows on Road Traffic Noise at Ex-San Po Kong Flatted Factory, San Po Kong
  • Sound Attenuation Performance Test of Noise Barrier on Train Noise near the junction of East Rail Line & Po Shek Wu Road, Sheung Shui
  • Road Traffic Noise Measurement at City Point, 48 Wing Shun Street, Tsuen Wan
  • MTR Corporation Limited Contract – Noisy Wheel Identification System
  • Noise Source Identification by Acoustic Camera at Maxgrand Plaza
  • MTR Train Wheel Set Noise Measurements for Operating Trains
  • AACM 遠端航空噪聲監測服務

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Who are we? ANewR Consulting Group has been venturing into environmental areas since 2008. Instituted by a team of seasoned environmental experts, acoustical specialists, and electronic engineers, we are proficient in rendering one-stop environmental and digital services to public and private sectors across Asia and Europe. Why do we want to combine digitalisation and environmental service? Digitalisation empowers cities with inclusion capability. We see social inclusion by facilitating stakeholders’ comprehensive engagement to contribute their viewpoints on infrastructural schemes to investigate the best to dwindle the potentially far-reaching impacts.

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