Soundscape Design by Big Data

Soundscape Concept

Acoustic Environment Perceived By Humans Natural And Artificial From Immersive Environment Pleasant Or Disruptive Geophony Biophony Anthropophony Reduction Of Unwanted Sounds Introduction Of Wanted Sounds Soundscape Design Functions localisation

We believe a friendly and pleasant acoustic ecosystem can be designed through analysis of the big sound data and seamless integration with the city planners, architects, environmental consultants, landscape architects, and psychologists. The job of a Soundscape Designer demands combined skill sets in both acoustics and big data analysis. We trust that the engineers of ANEWR with the relevant experience can advise on any projects demanding a “Smart Sound” environment.

Our offering

Combining our environmental and digitalisation capabilities, ANewR is equipped with a mobile app to provide a 3D immersive, aural experience during soundscape design to evaluate options and assess the effectiveness of different scenarios. We are also equipped with a soundscape design visualisation tool to let our clients view the big picture of the overall soundscape performance.

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Who are we? ANEWR Consulting Group has been venturing into environmental areas since 2008. Instituted by a team of seasoned environmental experts, acoustical specialists, and electronic engineers, we are proficient in rendering one-stop environmental and digital services to public and private sectors across Asia and Europe. Why do we want to combine digitalisation and environmental service? Digitalisation empowers cities with inclusion capability. We see social inclusion by facilitating stakeholders’ comprehensive engagement to contribute their viewpoints on infrastructural schemes to investigate the best to dwindle the potentially far-reaching impacts.

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