Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel (TKO-LTT)

To cope with the increasing population in Tseung Kwan O District and the associated demanding traffic loading, the Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel (TKO-LTT) is constructed as a dual two-lane highway connecting TKO in the east with Eastern Harbour Crossing and Cha Kwo Ling Road of Kwun Tong in the west, aiming to improve the traffic conditions within Kwun Tong District and relieve the extra traffic load to be brought about by the future development of the district.  Upon completion of the project, part of the existing traffic between Tseung Kwan O and Eastern Harbour Crossing can use the TKO-LTT without routing through TKO Road and Lei Yue Mun Road etc. of the Kwun Tong District.


ANewR Environmental Consultants were appointed by Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) to be their Independent Environmental Checker (IEC) for the Project by empowering our team to:

  • advise the Engineer’s Representative (ER) on any environmental issues associated with the Project and audit the environmental performance during construction and operational phases
  • provide proactive advice to the ER and the Project Proponent on environmental matters
  • review and audit all aspects of the Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) programme, including the implementation of environmental mitigation measures, submission relating to the associated Environmental Permit (EP) and EM&A, and any other submission required under EP and EM&A Manual
  • review and verify the monitoring data and all submissions under the relevant EP and EM&A Manual submitted by the Environmental Team (ET), including but not limited to the EM&A reports
  • monitor the implementation of the EM&A programme and the overall level of environmental performance being achieved
  • arrange and conduct regular site inspections of the works during construction and operational phases, and ad hoc inspections if significant environmental problems are identified
  • comply with the agreed Event / Action Plan in the event of any exceedance
  • check and ensure the procedures for carrying out complaint investigation being followed and check the effectiveness of corrective measures
  • feedback audit results to ET by signing off relevant EM&A proforma
  • Ensure the impact monitoring is conducted at the correct locations at the frequency identified in the EM&A Manual
  • Check that the mitigation measures are effectively implemented
  • Report the works conducted, the findings, recommendation and improvement of the site inspections, the findings, recommendation, and improvement after reviewing ET’s and Contractor’s works, and any advices to the ER and Project Proponent on a monthly basis