AnewR gives a workshop in Build4Asia 2018, sharing successful project experience

Build4Asia 2018 was an excellent knowledge exchange platform for the building, electrical engineering and security Industries. During the 3-day conference May 9 – 11, 2018, peers in the industries gathered to share professional experiences and inspirations. AnewR was more than happy to attend the conference and our colleague gave a workshop on day 2 exploring how innovation could facilitate environmental and safety management in the construction industry.


During the workshop, we shared the common complaints related to construction noise and explored how a data-driven continuous monitoring system could serve to help with efficiency and accuracy. The system allowed us to deliver challenging tasks and help our clients to achieve various goals. And we were enthusiastic to share our innovation and successful project experience with our peers in the workshop to inspire more possibilities. We look forward to more exchange opportunities!


AnewR leverages BIM and GIS to improve project performance while meeting Government’s requirements

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an innovative technology that benefits the planning, management and execution of a construction project throughout its life cycle by engaging stakeholders from architects, engineers to builders on a digital platform for effective communication, problem solving and decision making. In particular, it enables professionals in the building industry to design and construct in a virtual environment for better planning to reduce risks and alteration during the construction stage.

ANewR BIM and GIS Consultants

To advocate the application of BIM technology, the Hong Kong Government has made it compulsory that starting from 2018 BIM technology is to be adopted in major public-sector infrastructure and public housing projects. Correspondingly, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) BIM Standards was formulated to guide those to implement BIM.

AnewR specialises in using innovative ideas and technologies to solve problems and streamline work practices, particularly through adopting BIM and GIS (geographical information system) to address the key needs of our clients, while fully meeting the requirements of the government. Capitalising on our extensive knowledge and experience in GIS, BIM, alongside remote sensing, CAD/CAM and big data analytics, ANewR is able to design, develop or advise on innovative yet practicable solutions:

  • To facilitate geospatial data analysis, what-if scenario analysis to support decision making processes

  • To foster collaboration among teams throughout the project life cycle from planning, design, construction to operation phases

  • To align data structure and provide the overall data infrastructure for open access

  • To support cost effective capacity building and value creation