Tung Chung New Town Extension

ANEWR was commissioned as the environmental consultants to assess the potential impacts of the Deep Cement Mixing (DCM) processes being used in the Tung Chung New Town Extension project.

Closeup for Tung Chung Reclamation Site

The reclamation and advance works at Tung Chung East are the main part of Tung Chung New Town extension project, providing 40 000 new flats to meet future needs for housing and economic developments. The works aim to provide land in phases, with first population intake in 2023. The works mainly comprise of reclamation of the seabed at Tung Chung East by non-dredged methods to form a total of about 130 hectares of land; construction of seawalls and a multi-cell drainage box culvert; provision of infrastructure for Tung Chung Area 58; and implementation of the associated environmental mitigation measures.

“Deep Cement Mixing” (DCM) method is one of the non-dredged reclamation technology adopted in this project, so as to strengthen the soft marine deposit and to enhance the stability of the seawall foundation.



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