Fund raising event to support Hong Kong youngsters to obtain professional basketball training

On this very hot day over the long mid-autumn weekend, the ANEWR team was enjoying the basketball games with other caring enterprises in Hong Kong to raise funds for the youngsters.

Organised by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, this all day long event was held at their Wu Kai Sha camp site by the sea. ANEWR was very pleased to have the opportunity to get to know other sports friendly companies. Of course, it was very exiting to play games at this Hong Kong’s first standard 3×3 basketball court. Special thanks to the home grown referee who has been involved in the previous Olympic Games.

Friendship first, as always. Though, it is still even more encouraging for the team to have won the silver trophy and the highest scoring award. Look forward to participating in this kind of events in the future.

By the way, the team has designed these two sets of outfits. Do you like them too?

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