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ANewR consultants are investigative individuals – intellectual, reflective, and curious. Our independence ensures systematic, rational, and analytical research for clients’ issues. Working for a corporation or government agency, we have extensive knowledge of environmental regulations on how to supervise clear of possible fines, legal action, or misguided transactions. Our scientific knowledge and technical expertise identify the adverse impact of water, air, or land contamination on people or the environment. We interpret data, varying from a detailed assessment of the data to software-modelling analysis to check with compliance. Our digital capabilities empower non-technical stakeholders by comprehending detailed scientific reports with visualisation solutions, which are at the same time beneficial to project proponents to streamline smooth communications.

Scope of consultation

our speciality


Fruitful experiences in environmental consultancy services – Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Independent Environmental Checker (IEC)works

Professional experiences include assessments of air quality, noise, BEAM, and environmental related permit and license application 

Experience in application of environmental modeling software for air quality and noise assessment and preparation of environmental assessment reports

Experiences in environmental monitoring auditing, noise, air quality and water quality monitoring, and environmental site inspection and audit

Digital Innovation

20 years of experience in construction noise assessment, information technology and computer programming

Proficient in many computer software/models including ArcGIS, CadnaA, LIMA and RoadNoise in noise mapping and impact assessment, and CALINE4, FDM and ISCST in air quality impact assessment

Experience in IT applications, especially for the development and maintenance of government websites and monitoring systems

Over 15 years experience in the development of web-based applications, database and intranet applications

Good at many programming knowledge: Visual Basic Application for Microsoft Office, W3C compliance design, Java, Javascript, C++, HTML, Joomla Platform Design, Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP, .Net

Proficient in database management tools like MS Assess, SQL Server, MySQL server and Oracle

And more

Who are we? ANewR Consulting Group has been venturing into environmental areas since 2008. Instituted by a team of seasoned environmental experts, acoustical specialists, and electronic engineers, we are proficient in rendering one-stop environmental and digital services to public and private sectors across Asia and Europe. Why do we want to combine digitalisation and environmental service? Digitalisation empowers cities with inclusion capability. We see social inclusion by facilitating stakeholders’ comprehensive engagement to contribute their viewpoints on infrastructural schemes to investigate the best to dwindle the potentially far-reaching impacts.

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