Information, Communication Technology

When we serve our clients on IT issues, we combine our knowledge and experience in IT with ANewR’s traditional strengths in strategy, organisation, and operations to assist them to achieve competitive advantage in an environment of rapid change and uncertainty.

Our clients ask for our assistance on challenging and important issues, such as:

◆ Building competitive advantage through IT
◆ Forging an enduring business and IT partnership
◆ Making strategic outsourcing and offshoring decisions
◆ Reducing IT cost and needless complexity
◆ Capturing synergies dependent on IT in postmerger integration
◆ Benchmarking IT performance for the business

We work closely with clients to recognize the forces transforming their markets, define business models suited to their competitive situations, and implement these models in ways that deliver impact rapidly and effectively.
Many of our clients have recently experienced a period of unprecedented change-a remarkable boom followed by an equally dramatic bust. They now face uncertainties as new products, new business models, or new competitors threaten their core businesses. Some of the latest challenges come from technologies such as voice over IP and WLAN, and from emerging competitors from countries such as China. We also help clients better manage their cost and asset base, and we help them determine how to drive profitable growth and emerge from this difficult period stronger than their competition.