BEAM Plus – The Hong Kong Green Building Certification Consultants


ANewR provides specialists consultancy services for developers, architects, planners, building owners, contractors and operator seeking BEAM Plus Certification in Hong Kong.

Our team comprises numerous BEAM Professional (BEAM Pro) accredited in Hong Kong who are able to support your projects to achieve a higher environmental standard in compliance with relevant credit requirement of BEAM Plus for various types of buildings including:

  • BEAM Plus New Buildings
  • BEAM Plus Existing Buildings
  • BEAM Plus Interiors

ANewR advises our clients on a wide range of green building matters from project planning to detailed design and building construction.  Our BEAM Pro offers professional services to support BEAM Plus Certification on:

  • environmental monitoring
  • green building specialist assessments such as noise from building equipment
  • life cycle costing
  • water saving or reduction estimations
  • water quality survey
  • indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • thermal comfort measurements
  • construction IAQ management
  • room acoustic and vibration, etc.

Selected relevant projects:

Do you know?

      • According to the official website, BEAM Plus, formerly known as HK-BEAM (first initiated in 1996), is one of the most widely used voluntary green building certification schemes of its kind in the world, on a per capita basis.