What do we do for our client in the land contamination assessment

At the beginning of 2021, BBC News reported that the oil giant was sued for polluting the community. The news illustrates the corporate effort in maintaining good health in the operating area concerning its reputation. The neglect would cause the lawsuit and cost penalty for the improper supply chain management. It is wrong to think local community and regulations are not under the corporate scope. Apart from achieving Sustainable Development Goals and avoiding penalties, health and safety are other critical reasons to pre-assess the land condition before the development. Redeveloping a place is typical worldwide. New construction taking up the used ground for a new purpose revitalises the land – from contaminated land to sustainable urban development. In the US, the determining factors are foundedContinue reading “What do we do for our client in the land contamination assessment”

Why The Ocean Matters – World Ocean Day on 8 June

The recent COVID-19 social distancing restriction relaxation releases people to go out. Beaches, seaside and even underwater are where wanted by people for breathing fresh air. When we enjoy the places like this, have we ever thought about how we treat and should treat these spots? The COVID-19 Aftermath Gary Stokes from OceansAsia have foundContinue reading “Why The Ocean Matters – World Ocean Day on 8 June”

What is a sustainable landfill design?

A landfill, a system of waste disposal, is hardly connected with enchanting terminology. Landfill expansion is not an ideal option for the community. We still have to live with it since our garbage is produced daily. The gatekeeper is how we manage the landfill in an environmental-friendly way. First, the Bottom Liner System is appliedContinue reading “What is a sustainable landfill design?”

Sustainable workforce

If you want your business to sustain, you will look for future trends for opportunities. If you’re going to have a well-prepared workforce, you will have to seek them out, teach and offer them career opportunities. Here are recommendations on what you can do to retain talents. Students are one of the valuable community resources.Continue reading “Sustainable workforce”

How do you feel the communities are essential to corporate?

Investopedia defines corporate social responsibility (CSR) as “a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. Businesses have numbers of normative frameworks to follow for achieving CSR. Future-Fit Business Framework is one of them. How do you feel the communities are essential to corporate? One of the notorious cases is the one drinks brand’s dehydrating communities case. The plant has to be fed with water to maintain the operation. In one of their functional areas, a desert area, wells were drying up. Local farmers were ending up in catastrophe situations – a severe decline in water levels leaving them on cultivation hardship. In another country, the drink company engaged with paramilitary in anti-union activities thatContinue reading “How do you feel the communities are essential to corporate?”

Finding the landfills aesthetic

Enchanting is the word we see in fairy tales. In the animation, the characters cast a spell on things ungraceful, turning them into attractive ones. Incorporating in an environmental term, can we perform magic to enchant the landfill to be a greenfield? The great news is that we do not need to work on magicContinue reading “Finding the landfills aesthetic”

What to define the electric vehicle’s effectiveness

The government of Hong Kong has published the “Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong 2035” in June 2021. We had no surprise that the content addresses air quality from the subject – the undeniable health and well-being issue. One of the suggesting measures is the electric vehicle (EV). But here, we should be alarmed thatContinue reading “What to define the electric vehicle’s effectiveness”

Incineration – a notorious name for air pollution. How engineering and process design make it sustainable?

Incineration – a notorious name for air pollution because of the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and oxides of nitrogen (NO and NO2, together known as NOx) associated in the process. It involves the operation of waste storage, feed preparation, combustion, ash handling, and disposal. Emission is associated with notorious incineration combustion. How does sustainability relate to incineration? Operation consumes electricity. This is quite an inevitable fact, and this applies to incineration operations. Researchers had the energy analysis of the energy consumed in incineration and landfill with the transportation system. It showed that 406.08Continue reading “Incineration – a notorious name for air pollution. How engineering and process design make it sustainable?”

What is your sustainability calendar this year?

What is your sustainability calendar this year? A year’s plan starts with spring—plan to achieve your environmental goal and sustainability target this year. What is your sustainability calendar this year? You may begin to follow the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals calendar as your guideline to practice sustainability. Download now. Remarks: The following calendar is withContinue reading “What is your sustainability calendar this year?”