When inevitable, how do we do to tackle the noise issue affecting us?

Years ago, ANewR had received a call: “We know we are noisy, it is inevitable. We still want to reduce the noise impact, but we do not know who is the most severe noise generator. We are puzzled.” ANewR told the client: “Noise monitoring is our strength. We have everything here to support. Let usContinue reading “When inevitable, how do we do to tackle the noise issue affecting us?”

Let tech master the task that is harsh for human

Andante, a relatively slow tune, is omnidirectional and reverberant. It is difficult to identify the sound source. When it occurs to a workplace, how could we ascertain the sound origin to settle the controversies? ANewR has the answer – the Andante noise monitoring system comprising stations and platforms. We are impressed that technology masters aContinue reading “Let tech master the task that is harsh for human”

We know that noise is bad for health

Noise can cause elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Noise can alter our immunity system too. It is common for us to experience sleep disturbance with significant problems. To the extreme, we would lose our hearings to a substantial noise level. Why can’t we have a quiet place to live? Beyond a vast population onContinue reading “We know that noise is bad for health”

The authentic practice

The contemporary corporate organisation facilitates information exchange with communicable, interactive platforms. Remarkably, the digital trend is on the way to provide user-friendly and digitised services and training. How do we utilize this digitalisation in environmental training?  The visualised, virtual reality (VR) illustration is incredibly practical for a metropolitan situation. One of the city’s striking modelsContinue reading “The authentic practice”

A training about acoustic camera for noise control

We are delighted that Mr. James Choi, Director of ANewR Consulting Group, has presented the webinar about Norsonic acoustic camera application to our client. The real-time demonstration in person has made the webinar lively and informative. In our second-round acoustic camera training, thanks to Mr. James Choi and Miss Jessica Yam for hosting it andContinue reading “A training about acoustic camera for noise control”