ANewR Business Letter 2019A

ANewR 3D Virtual Reality VR Consultants

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The beginning of 2019 marks an important milestone for ANewR, as we plan to start a new chapter of our book with our second decade in business. This year, “Next Decade, Next Goal” is our corporate slogan.

Looking back on the past ten years, ANewR has been commissioned by many prestigious customers, in over 100 projects.  Established by a team of seasoned environmental consultants, acoustical specialists, and electronic engineers in Hong Kong in 2008, ANewR is a leading management consultancy in Asia, providing one-stop, professional Environmental and Info Tech services to both the public and private sectors. Our vision is to lead the world’s environmental information technology, data management, and knowledge distillation. We remain committed to continuously invest in innovation, be responsive to clients’ requests and enquiries, and be reliable on project delivery; always within schedule and on budget.

Celebrating our 10th anniversary, ANewR has launched a new virtual reality (VR) application to experience the noise benefits that any potential mitigation measure can bring by providing 3D/4D immersive, interactive virtual environments.  For example, acoustics engineers, soundscape designers, architects, or any other stakeholders can walk around the virtual scene and try the different options of acoustics windows and balconies to listen to the noise levels entering the premises. This new technology allows designers and developers to “perceive” the sonic environment and have it associated with different design options and costs.  Our technology has been showcased in the Environment Academy of EPD (Environmental Protection Department) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Next month, ANewR will join the seminar as organized by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Authority (HKQAA) to share our experience on good practices for environmental management on construction sites. Stay tuned!

We wish you a prosperous new year of pig!

Warmest regards
The ANewR Management Team
Jan 2019