How to monitor vulnerable venue to disruptive events

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Hospital is a compassionate venue. The operating rooms, procedure rooms, equipment are valuable and, at the same time, vulnerable to disruptive events. The vibration-sensitive machinery has a restricted floor vibration limit to maintain the proper equipment operation. In broad scope, ISO 4866: 2010 ‘Mechanical vibration and shock — Vibration of fixed structures — Guidelines for the measurement of vibrations and evaluation of their effects on structures’ issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has provided a classification of buildings according to their probable reaction to mechanical vibration transmitted by the ground. There are acceptable rms acceleration and velocity specified for each project’s flooring system’s practical uses to be more specific.

A Hospital in Hong Kong has realised the potential consequences. The Hospital has made a move to a decisive, proactive approach to preventing bad things from happening. ANewR has engaged in partaking in the job.

Estimated to serve 1,455,100 population in the concerned communities in 2026, Hospital has the complete redevelopment plan of managing the nearby areas for expansion with the extra community health centre and ambulatory centre. The subsequent decant arrangement indicates the Hospital will launch construction and demolition operations; meanwhile, the Hospital is in service to the general public. Unavoidably, the construction and demolition work will trigger all sorts of environmental impacts, including vibration. A high-precision and high-sensitive vibration monitoring device and wireless system with a one-second real-time monitoring platform are needed to assist the hospital staff in warranting the machines’ vibration effect.

To commence the project, ANewR has placed twenty sets of vibration monitoring systems in the Hospital. Each with a high-precision device detecting one micrometer per second. The device is highly reliable without losing data in operation. The placement points are based on a notable criterion – near a susceptible medical device in the critical medical room. On the other hand, the hospital staff and work-related staff are authorized to receive the notification through SMS and email when the vibration level has reached the pre-set warning limits. The verification warning procedure pre-sets 3A levels – Alert, Alarm, and Action, which will be triggered in real-time. Considering the vibration impact triggered at different locations, ANewR has created an adaptive d-noise monitoring platform to let the admin user group several placement points into one location group. The system is intelligent in facilitating different warning combinations in a location group. The admin user has been granted the flexibility in grouping the device placement point with the placement points at other locations relatively far away from the site to cross-check the vibration level. When all placement points in one location group all detect exceeding the pre-set limit, it will set off the notification warning. The locational map of each device placement points attached on the same page of real-time vibration location empowers the staff to identify the placement points without question.

ANewR’s d-noise platform supports the designated staff to fully access the system as a login user to view the monitored status and figures. The login user has been given the right to generate reports with classified information – vibration data, vibration exceedance data, hourly news, and weekly report. Continuous monitoring of the performance can never be more straightforward.

The 24/7 monitoring system, a web-based d-noise platform, 4G transmission, and real-time warning have caused the monitoring task hustle-free. A remote monitoring system supported by a user-friendly platform empowers authorised users to pay attention to the status through a spectrum of web-enabled gadgets, including smartphones and tablets. This unattended live-to-web monitoring can critically reshape life-and-death circumstances. 

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Vibration monitoring system for hospital

Participating in the vibration monitoring projects for United Hospital, and Grantham Hospital, ANewR’s d-noise vibration monitoring system compatible with high-precision vibration monitoring devices delivers one-stop workflow management. Under the control centre concept, the d-noise system comprehensively facilitates the stakeholders in hustle-less monitoring. Additionally, the d-noise is highly customisable to the client’s needs.

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