real estate is the significant entity shaping our sustainable future.

Sustainability embraces a sense of stewardship for the natural environment, harmonious with business’s ethical and professional conduct. What haunts our climate and environment most is carbon emission, which we do not see with our bare eyes. Coming into our daily lives, real estate is the significant entity shaping our sustainable future. Can you imagine howContinue reading “real estate is the significant entity shaping our sustainable future.”

What is TCFD (the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures)?

It was thought that climate change had nothing to do with business. To think about it in the long term, do you dare? Let’s talk about it. You are running a business. In a disaster triggered by climate change, your staff may not be able to go to work for alarming weather warnings. A stormContinue reading “What is TCFD (the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures)?”

What move could the corporates take to demonstrate their authentic selves?

The bottom line is the final total of an account or balance sheet. In 1994, the bottom line concept was essentially transformed because of the entrepreneur and business writer John Elkington. The triple bottom line was coined. The three bottom lines (Profit, People, and Planet) harmonise seamlessly with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) that theContinue reading “What move could the corporates take to demonstrate their authentic selves?”

Communications mandatory for ESG performance disclosure

We gradually see more countries imposing disclosure terms on a company’s environmental and sustainability performance. Authentic performance is of great importance to be the leader in your working industry. People who want to be the first in the world could lead by an invention, innovation, and creativity developed for products or services. It also couldContinue reading “Communications mandatory for ESG performance disclosure”

Sustainability pioneer’s advice on meaningful reporting

A report is the means to share data and support decision-making. Reporting influences stakeholders, and increasingly shareholders’ perceptions. Hence, transparency in reporting is crucial for a company to earn stakeholders’ trust and reputation. To prepare ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), sustainability, as well as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reports, companies recognise the central role materiality plays.Continue reading “Sustainability pioneer’s advice on meaningful reporting”

Technology inspired by ESG

It is not hard to see organizations taking International days as one of the topics for communications on social media with their audience. International Women’s Day, World Environmental Day, World Oceans Day are just a few of the examples. When we are looking into the meaning of these International days, they are addressing the areaContinue reading “Technology inspired by ESG”