Green resolution is always hard – this is why we need environmental consultant.

Thanks to Julia Park to explain why retrofitting existing buildings is not always easy and straight forward. It is advantageous to get the environmental consultant involved and apply environmental design in the early development stage. In the 21 century, let’s take a long-term environmental impact and healthy living conditions into consideration in the early urban development plan. 

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A training about acoustic camera for noise control

We are delighted that Mr. James Choi, Director of ANewR Consulting Group, has presented the webinar about Norsonic acoustic camera application to our client. The real-time demonstration in person has made the webinar lively and informative.

In our second-round acoustic camera training, thanks to Mr. James Choi and Miss Jessica Yam for hosting it and answering questions, ensuring smooth running. James had shared many possible acoustic camera applications in different scenarios to give ideas of how to best use the acoustic camera. Do you find the solution to resolve the noise issue around? Talk to us now.

Hong Kong leadership in acoustic solution

We are pleased to see the Hong Kong leadership in initiating the innovative acoustic window in the public housing and the professional acoustic window consultant in bringing the acoustic window to life. Our honor is to have Mr. KK Iu, Father of Noise Control, to share his acoustic story. What was it like ten years ago? What is the improvement the acoustic industry has made? What is the role of acoustic people in the market?

Let’s find out more here about the acoustic development for our future.