How does Land contamination concern sdgs

Redevelopment is typical in Hong Kong. According to the Urban Renewal Authority, they have launched over 60 redevelopment projects. New construction takes up the used land for a new purpose. The new definition revitalises the land – from contaminated land to sustainable urban development. In redevelopment, we need to care about how the land wasContinue reading “How does Land contamination concern sdgs”

Why The Ocean Matters – World Ocean Day on 8 June

The recent COVID-19 social distancing restriction relaxation releases people to go out. Beaches, seaside and even underwater are where wanted by people for breathing fresh air. When we enjoy the places like this, have we ever thought about how we treat and should treat these spots? The COVID-19 Aftermath Gary Stokes from OceansAsia have foundContinue reading “Why The Ocean Matters – World Ocean Day on 8 June”

How to achieve community engagement

It is fair to say a corporate serves society because the products and services are created to facilitate another business’s production and operation to output something to serve the community at last. Your business has impacts on the community’s standard of living and quality of life. The way to sustain the company is to includeContinue reading “How to achieve community engagement”

What to concern for consumer engagement

We can engage consumers through various communications channels, such as newsletters, online platforms, customer centres, hotlines, satisfaction surveys. You may set up a consumer focus group to proactively reach out to the consumers to know their needs.While consumer engagement can be practical and emotional, you will need to do more than a general practice asContinue reading “What to concern for consumer engagement”

Continue to enrich our ocean awareness

We are happy to connect prominent ocean activists to learn more about the burning ocean issues. Shark Lady For the past 30 years, Ms. Richey has lived in Hong Kong and worked for a wide variety of corporate and NGO entities. Since 2015, she has worked and volunteered for the Hong Kong Shark Foundation in manyContinue reading “Continue to enrich our ocean awareness”

ESG 101 – Let’s learn more about it. What is greenhouse gas emission in the ESG reporting? (Infographics)

We know that greenhouse gas contributes severely to climate change by absorbing to emitting energy, causing warming our planet. Countries are now pushing businesses to report on their activities incurring global warming. What is greenhouse gas emission in terms of reporting? Check it out at the following infographic. ANewR Consulting Limited has been venturing into environmentalContinue reading “ESG 101 – Let’s learn more about it. What is greenhouse gas emission in the ESG reporting? (Infographics)”

10 Ocean Matters – quiz yourselves for what you know about the ocean

Do you know? “The ocean absorbs around 23 percent ofthe annual emissions of anthropogeniccarbon dioxide to the atmosphere, helpingto alleviate the impacts of climate change onthe planet, however, resulting in adecreasing pH and acidification of theocean. A new ocean acidification data portalshows an increase in variability in pH andthe acidity of the oceans by 10Continue reading “10 Ocean Matters – quiz yourselves for what you know about the ocean”

We are your digitalisation specialist (Infographics)

Digital technology has become a core part of every industry; integrating solutions leads to greater cost-efficiency, increased productivity, and many other benefits. Digitalisation will be essential to bring positive changes to sustainability, from process optimisation and IoT-powered management to intelligent urban planning and more. ANEWR offers specialist services to meet clients’ requirements on digitalisation solutions. Learn with us at By: ANewR Consulting Limited, a digitalContinue reading “We are your digitalisation specialist (Infographics)”

What includes in indoor environmental qualities (Infographics)

According to BEAM Society, interior lighting design is one of the indoor environmental qualities (IEQ) that would affect our health and comfort. To achieve a high standard of IEQ, check with us for how to improve the indoor lighting before tenants’ health has gone wrong. By: ANewR Consulting Limited, a digital environmental consultant headquartered inContinue reading “What includes in indoor environmental qualities (Infographics)”

How to evaluate the lighting system performance (Infographics)

What do we assess in the indoor lighting design analysis? Utilising the DIALux lighting design software to evaluate the Site’s interior lighting design, we considerably evaluate the quality and quantity of the lighting system performance. Learn more with us at By: ANewR Consulting Limited, a digital environmental consultant headquartered in Hong Kong since 2008. OurContinue reading “How to evaluate the lighting system performance (Infographics)”