ESG Made Easy: How a Short Online Course Can Supercharge Your Sustainability Knowledge

ESG is a hot topic, and with good reason. Investing in ESG education can provide short and long-term benefits such as better decision-making, increased transparency, better risk management, and competitive advantage. Enrolling in a shorter, self-paced, and low-cost ESG course like the CESGF Certificate ESG Foundation Course can be a great option to gain knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the world of sustainability.

Become a Climate Change Leader: Why Learning ISO14064-1 is Vital for Your Business’s Success

ISO 14064-1 is a vital standard for businesses looking to become climate change leaders. It provides guidance on how to measure, report, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, allowing businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Matters Academy offers online training courses on ISO 14064-1, providing learners with a flexible and cost-effective option to develop their sustainability knowledge and skills.

ESG 101 – Let’s learn more about it. What is greenhouse gas emission in the ESG reporting? (Infographics)

We know that greenhouse gas contributes severely to climate change by absorbing to emitting energy, causing warming our planet. Countries are now pushing businesses to report on their activities incurring global warming. What is greenhouse gas emission in terms of reporting? Check it out at the following infographic. ANewR Consulting Limited has been venturing into environmentalContinue reading “ESG 101 – Let’s learn more about it. What is greenhouse gas emission in the ESG reporting? (Infographics)”

What is TCFD (the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures)?

It was thought that climate change had nothing to do with business. To think about it in the long term, do you dare? Let’s talk about it. You are running a business. In a disaster triggered by climate change, your staff may not be able to go to work for alarming weather warnings. A stormContinue reading “What is TCFD (the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures)?”

What to define the electric vehicle’s effectiveness

The government of Hong Kong has published the “Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong 2035” in June 2021. We had no surprise that the content addresses air quality from the subject – the undeniable health and well-being issue. One of the suggesting measures is the electric vehicle (EV). But here, we should be alarmed thatContinue reading “What to define the electric vehicle’s effectiveness”

How an environmental lawsuit pursued you to be sustainable

Businesses may encounter litigation if they breach the environmental regulations. In some places, governments and businesses may also face a lawsuit if they do not act for climate change. The UN Environment Programme estimated that 884 climate change cases had been brought in 24 countries in 2017. In 2020, the number was almost double toContinue reading “How an environmental lawsuit pursued you to be sustainable”