Green resolution is always hard – this is why we need environmental consultant.

Thanks to Julia Park to explain why retrofitting existing buildings is not always easy and straight forward. It is advantageous to get the environmental consultant involved and apply environmental design in the early development stage. In the 21 century, let’s take a long-term environmental impact and healthy living conditions into consideration in the early urban development plan. 

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What is Human Rights Day about?

10 December is Human Rights Day. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights #30 – No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights. A pleasant environment for our living and working is one thing; another is about our obligation to protect it. Explore with ANewR for how to improve our environment hand in hand.

A training about acoustic camera for noise control

We are delighted that Mr. James Choi, Director of ANewR Consulting Group, has presented the webinar about Norsonic acoustic camera application to our client. The real-time demonstration in person has made the webinar lively and informative.

In our second-round acoustic camera training, thanks to Mr. James Choi and Miss Jessica Yam for hosting it and answering questions, ensuring smooth running. James had shared many possible acoustic camera applications in different scenarios to give ideas of how to best use the acoustic camera. Do you find the solution to resolve the noise issue around? Talk to us now.

Regeneration project in Melbourne

Sharing an interesting regeneration project in Melbourne.

According to Tony Lombardo, urban regeneration is about creating places where people want to be.

Some people may say this is easier said than done – in particular on the environmental aspects. Yes, the densely populated metropolitan settings may impose quite some challenges. Despite, from our experience, it all comes down to whether the project team is with the right skills and experience and able to think out of the box with the necessary creative and innovative mind set. 

Take our housing projects as examples, we assess air ventilation, predict the micro-climate, compute thermal comfort, advise on building design for optimal daylighting and sun-shading, dispersion of air pollutants, and acoustics, etc.

Next time you have a urban renewal project, feel free to talk to us to see if there is anything we can do to support you. Our email is

What can acoustic camera help?

Norsonic’s acoustic camera is successfully catching the particular noisy spots from a complex machinery structure, enables engineers to focus on the problematic areas instead of nowhere. The video shows sensing devices eliminate manual examination, which may incite physical harm if the inspection object is a razor-sharp item, such as a chain saw or is equipment operating in extreme conditions.

Check with us for more detail.

The interactive acoustic window booth

ANewR feels delightful that the acoustic window booth is now being introduced in the CIC Zero Carbon Park tour. The booth activity has associated with sensation, utilising the sensor to activate the action. The lively presentation brought by ANewR and our client surely tells the good story of the acoustic window, creating a great awareness to the general public.

How to do the tree management?

Our Dante tree management system allows arborists and project staff to maintain the record of trees attentive care. By reading the tree health condition notices, tree surgeons could open up the risk tree identification. It is particularly useful when the tree has to be relocated for preservation reasons.