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In last interview with Mr. KK Iu, we talked about the acoustic window mock-up model. The role we should not miss is the coordination and management. For the mock-up project this time, Mr. James Choi from ANewR Consulting Limited is the chief person to lead.

Video – Interviewing noise control pioneer in Hong Kong featuring K K Iu (Part 1):

J – Mr. James Choi from ANewR Consulting Limited

R: I looked at the demo. It is pretty impressive. What are the challenges when making it?

J: The tender had given us rooms to propose creative ideas. We were asked to set up merely a booth to introduce the acoustic window to the public. The challenge here was to pitch ANewR’s capability in environmental service and digitalisation while our proposal connects our client’s objective. The innovative and design thinking process began with a question – how might we remodel the demonstration to entice stakeholders to tour the booth? The client’s stakeholder was the general public for the project this time. Our next question was how to build a booth drawing the general public to glance moreover retain them at the booth. We wanted the audience to have fun while being informed. 

From a marketing point of view, Big Waster is the character that suits this project purpose well from an educational angle – the right image symbolizing our client. It is the funnies that children and adults will love about him. The animation with Big Waster conceives a living while informative presentation.

On the other hand, the way of bringing out the informative message is innovative digitally. Matching the world trend of digitalisation, we had chosen the interactive activity triggered by a sensor to let the participants control the mock-up acoustic window’s open and close only by a hand wave. More than that, we had added the sensation of sound and wind. The operation is simple – when the outer window and the acoustic window are wide open, the participants will hear the noise coming through the window, reaching seventy dB. If closing the exterior window, the acoustic window is in function effectively, and the participants can feel a reduction of noise level as well as air ventilation.

R: What is the role of ANewR in this project? 

J: As the main contractor of this mock-up project. ANewR had picked up the project management task, coordinating and liaising between the client and sub-contractors. By capitalising on digital development projects and extensive environmental knowledge over a decade, ANewR is delighted that our client has appreciated our creative proposal and the final exhibition. It relies on an excellent long-term collaboration in understanding the client’s perspective to ensure our deliverables are up to our client’s expectations. By harmonising the sound performance and visual production, the interactive collection ideally blends in the whole interior environment. We are scaling down the window to accommodate the exhibit area that aligns with the height of a human being to wave at the sensor camera to trigger the interactive game start, calibrating the noise level display to illustrate the dB corresponding to the open or close scenarios literally. The wind effect is to produce a more stimulating experience for those who engage at the booth. The Big Waster in the video is the lead to assist the visitors throughout the show. The acoustic window’s demonstration set enables the gamer to control the changing mode smartly by pose, QR code, and remote control. The remarkable example of Shek Mun Estate incubates the background scene to arouse the visitors’ attention to the compelling real-world case of Hong Kong.

From here, you may notice another challenge we face as the main contractor. We have much cross-stakeholder collaboration in this project. They are our client, the venue owner, the acoustic window supplier, technicians, marketing agency, scripts contributors, IoT specialist, logistic Company, users, last but not least, the acoustic consultant. The most unforgettable event during the set-up was to move the finished block to the venue. The booth is 2.4 meters by 1 meter, which did not fit in the elevator. What we could do is cut them down into three pieces and reinstate them into one. Thanks to each professional party’s collaboration, the acoustic window model booth has gracefully stood at the CIC–Zero Carbon Park from 5th October 2020.

The mock-up acoustic window model is open for a visit when the general public registers a tour with The CIC–Zero Carbon Park in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. 

Video – The making of the acoustic window booth for EPD in Hong Kong:

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