TKO seawater desalination plant

ANewR Environmental Consultants Asia 3

ANEWR has been awarded a services contract by the Water Supplies Department (WSD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to construct the First Stage of Tseung Kwan O seawater desalination plant at Area 137, with a water production capacity at 135,000 cubic metres per day, using reverse osmosis.

ANEWR will provide Independent Environmental Checker services to verify the relevant submissions in relation to the EIAO ordinance.

“The proposed desalination plant will provide HK with a strategic water resource which is not susceptible to the impact of climate change,” said the spokesman for the WSD. “ANEWR is excited to support this project to provide for HK a secure and alternative fresh water resources complying with the World Health Organization (WHO) standards, and to better prepare Hong Kong for uncertainties such as acute climate changes and low rainfall,” said ANEWR Director James Choi.