Environmental practice in sludge incineration

Sludge is the by-product of sewage treatment. Organic matters contained in the sewage partly come from human and animal waste. It is no wonder that sludge comprises organic matter. Organic matters are considered ignitable. In sludge incineration, the combustion zone is around nine hundred degrees Celcius. The sludge volume can be ninety percent reduction after incineration. The left-over is the ash. One of the concerned compounds in gas, H2S or Hydrogen sulfide, is colourless but flammable, toxic, and has an unpleasant rotted-egg smell. The release of H2S would pose environmental and operational health and safety hazards when operators are dealing with them in the incineration process. […]

Incineration – a notorious name for air pollution. How engineering and process design make it sustainable?

Incineration – a notorious name for air pollution because of the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and oxides of nitrogen (NO and NO2, together known as NOx) associated in the process. It involves the operation of waste storage, feed preparation, combustion, ash handling, and disposal. Emission is associated with notorious incineration combustion. How does sustainability relate to incineration? Operation consumes electricity. This is quite an inevitable fact, and this applies to incineration operations. Researchers had the energy analysis of the energy consumed in incineration and landfill with the transportation system. It showed that 406.08 […]

The new generation momentum is coming to town

The 24/7 monitoring system, a web-based platform, 5G transmission, and real-time warning are the modern digitalisation adaptation. A remote monitoring system supported by a user-friendly platform empowers authorised users to keep an eye on the status through a spectrum of web-enabled gadgets, including smartphones and tablets even when they are away from the scene.  The […]

Engagement with Ocean

ANewR is happy to connect enthusiastic ocean stakeholders for Matters Academy (photo below). Their sharings have great insights and bring the unknown ocean to non-marine activitists. Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water, while oceans, seas, and marine life are essential resources contributing to human beings. How can we keep it sustainable? Let’s […]

How to monitor vulnerable venue to disruptive events

Hospital is a compassionate venue. The operating rooms, procedure rooms, equipment are valuable and, at the same time, vulnerable to disruptive events. The vibration-sensitive machinery has a restricted floor vibration limit to maintain the proper equipment operation. In broad scope, ISO 4866: 2010 ‘Mechanical vibration and shock — Vibration of fixed structures — Guidelines for […]

How can we manage sick tree better?

Metropolitan, like Hong Kong, has incorporated environmental city design, proposing life in harmony with nature. While celebrating such a green city movement, ANewR’s client – one of the mass transport providers, has made a great move to manage the interplay with nature. There are over a million trees in Hong Kong. In 2008, a one-hundred-year-old […]

Communications mandatory for ESG performance disclosure

We gradually see more countries imposing disclosure terms on a company’s environmental and sustainability performance. Authentic performance is of great importance to be the leader in your working industry. People who want to be the first in the world could lead by an invention, innovation, and creativity developed for products or services. It also could […]