How digitalisation changes the day-to-day engagement

Three-dimensional visualisation empowers cities with inclusion capability. We see social inclusion by facilitating stakeholders’ comprehensive engagement to contribute their viewpoints on infrastructural schemes to investigate the best to dwindle the potentially far-reaching impacts. Why digitalisation? The 3D illustration is an inside-out approach. It breaks through the conventional 2D plane to a 3D virtual reality illustration, […]

Let tech master the task that is harsh for human

Andante, a relatively slow tune, is omnidirectional and reverberant. It is difficult to identify the sound source. When it occurs to a workplace, how could we ascertain the sound origin to settle the controversies? ANewR has the answer – the Andante noise monitoring system comprising stations and platforms. We are impressed that technology masters a […]

We need social inclusion

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “There is nothing more dangerous than to build a society with a large segment of people in that society who feel that they have no stake in it; who feel that that have nothing to lose. People who have a stake in their society protect that society, but when […]

We know that noise is bad for health

Noise can cause elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Noise can alter our immunity system too. It is common for us to experience sleep disturbance with significant problems. To the extreme, we would lose our hearings to a substantial noise level. Why can’t we have a quiet place to live? Beyond a vast population on […]

The contemporary e-public engagement

The contemporary e-governance facilitates information exchange with communicable, interactive platforms. Remarkably, the digital trend is on the way to provide user-friendly and digitised civil services for the project proponents and the general public, from the informational website, online registration program, to searchable open database. How do we utilize this digitalisation in environmental discipline? ANewR Consulting […]

To stay environmentally smart

We all care about our health – physical health and, more recently, environmental health. What is environmental health? Environmental health is about the relationship between people and their environment, human health and wellbeing, healthy and safe communities. Social initiatives can be treated professionally, scientifically. And, we should. Importantly, our next-generation leader can learn about the […]

An IoT public engagement

In last interview with Mr. KK Iu, we talked about the acoustic window mock-up model. The role we should not miss is the coordination and management. For the mock-up project this time, Mr. James Choi from ANewR Consulting Limited is the chief person to lead. J – Mr. James Choi from ANewR Consulting Limited R: […]

Engagement concepts embedded in the workplace health and safety

Do you know? Your corporate planning matters to your corporate success. Attaining Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced by the United Nations is a new norm to recognise corporate’s sustainable achievements. According to the International Labour Organisation, workplace health and safety falls into SDGs of Good Health, Decent Work, Economic Growth, and Peace and Justice. More than a slogan or a report, sustainability aspects are necessary to nurture to support the business. Employees remain as vital human capital in an organisation. Human capital is an intangible asset. International Labour Organisation has alerted us that “the health of workers is a major determinant of productivity” because of “a vicious circle of poor […]