• Baseline and impact noise monitoring in compliance with statutory and contract requirements or in support of green building certification
  • Road traffic noise measurements for more than 200 local road sections in the territory
  • Noise surveys of operating trains for all railway lines in the territory
  • Fixed plant noise measurement for industrial or commercial buildings


ANewR offers comprehensive noise monitoring and impact assessment services to clients allowing them to face the challenges of environmental control and regulatory compliance. The benefits of commissioning such advice include:

  • Improved prospects for developments obtaining planning permission
  • Reduced costs by optimising mitigation provisions and avoiding public inquiries
  • Increased awareness of legal penalties and other regulatory controls and hence the ability to manage risk and costs
  • Improved working environment and staff safety
  • Avoiding opposition and complaint from the local authority or community

Areas of Expertise:

We have extensive experience and technical understanding of a wide range of noise issues and mitigation measures, areas of expertise include:

  • Baseline surveys at noise sensitive receivers to assess the existing background noise levels. Data are collected to form a profile of the existing noise environment.
  • Noise monitoring for construction sites and at noise sensitive receivers. Ensure regulatory standards are adhered to during both the construction and operation phases.
  • State-of-the-art software simulation of road traffic noise, railway noise and industrial noise. The level of exposure and the degree of noise impact at noise sensitive receivers are predicted by establishing computer models.
  • Advice on the suitability, effectiveness and application of various abatement technologies including various forms of barriers, enclosures and state-of-the-art noise reduction devices.
  • Assistance in planning application and provision of design criteria to allow our clients to meet the noise related statutory obligations.

Our Capabilities:

  • 3D Visualisation of Noise Impacts
  • Noise Surveys and Monitoring
  • Road Traffic Noise Impact Assessment
  • Rail Noise Impact Assessment
  • Acoustics & Vibration
  • Construction Noise Impact Assessment / Permitting
  • Industrial Noise Impact Assessment
  • Automatic Noise Monitoring System
  • Feasibility Study and Design of Noise Mitigation Measures
  • Noise Assessment for Planning Applications