– Continuous Noise Monitoring System


ANewR supplies continuous noise monitoring system comprising a network of CCTV and noise and weather monitoring equipment at nearly 100 locations across Hong Kong. The purpose is to monitor the magnitude of noise created by current and future construction activities.

Our system uses automatic monitoring and is supported by a technology platform that allows access by authorised parties through a spectrum of IT devices including smart phones and tablets. The system automatically alerts users to noise level breaches while the CCTV allows visual confirmation of source. All data is stored and immediately accessible for use. The system provides substantial savings in manpower and costs for site monitoring works and improves information sharing amongst project parties.

Real time, online, environmental data transmission and reporting

We also design and supply environmental monitoring systems that are able to manage multiple emission sources irrespective of their locations. Our systems are designed to comply with the local regulations.

Powered by the state-of-the-art information technology, our systems provide a multimedia platform for timely reporting and effective communication among contractors, environmental teams, checkers, project proponents, the Authorities and the managers of the emission sources.

Key features

◆ Web-based, online, open system architecture
◆ “Control Centre” Concept
◆ One-stop EM&A workflow management
◆ Secured remote access
◆ Real-time data reporting & data analysis
◆ Real-time event/action triggering & warning
◆ Report generator

Our relevant projects: