– Environmental Assessment & EIA

As the unceasingly progress of the community and the rapid development of cities, national and regional regulations or guidelines on environment protection have been developed. Certain designated development projects have to conduct environmental impact assessment (EIA) in the first place. EIA has become an indispensable part of the project development process.

The ANewR Team has the experience and capability of managing multidisciplinary EIA teams from a wide range of disciplines to address the environmental impacts of projects covering:

  • Road traffic, railway, aircraft, industrial and construction noise impact;
  • Odour, construction dust, vehicle and industrial emission;
  • Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment;
  • Waste Management;
  • Landfill Gas Hazard;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Ecology and Conservation; and
  • Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation.

Selected relevant projects include: