Specific Processes Licence of Air Pollution

“The Air Pollution Control Ordinance provides licence control on specific polluting industrial processes known as “specified processes”. The aim is to properly control and monitor the air pollution caused by industries with significant pollution potential. Through the terms and conditions of the licence, the owners of the premises used to conduct specified processes are required to use the best practicable means to prevent air pollution.”

The Environmental Protection Department of HKSARG

It is a legal requirement for the premises’ owners to obtain licences when conducting specific polluting industrial processes. This is called “specified processes” (SP). ANEWR’s qualified professionals are here for our clients to locate the emission points, apply, and submit all the necessary documents for SP licences.


Acrylates works Aluminium works Cement works Ceramic works Chlorine works Copper works Electricity works Gas works Iron and steel works Metal recovery works Mineral works Incinerators Petrochemical works Sulphuric acid works Tar and bitumen works Frit works Lead works Amines works Asbestos works Chemical incineration works Hydrochloric acid works Hydrogen cyanide works Sulphide works Pathological waste incinerators Organic chemical works Petroleum works Zinc galvanizing works Rendering works Non-ferrous metallurgical works Glass works Paint works

Project showcase

  • Tung Chung New Town Extension – Reclamation and Advance Works Land-based Silo and Container Arrangement for Deep Cement Mixing Works Air Pollution Control Plan for Specified Process License Application

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