Elevate Your HR Career with ESG: Become a Certified Sustainability Leader

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is becoming increasingly important in business, and HR professionals need to integrate ESG considerations into their work to stay ahead of the curve. With the CESGF certification, provided by Matters Academy and led by Dr. Glenn Frommer, HR professionals can gain a comprehensive understanding of ESG and become certified sustainability leaders.

ESG – an expense or a profit?

Climate change is a burning issue. Human activity is recognised as the main of climate change. The harmful act is burning fossil fuels that release large amounts of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas and are trapped in the atmosphere. We never thought our presence would change our planet to such a level, though we hearContinue reading “ESG – an expense or a profit?”

How to get on track in transforming construction with global responsibility

Environmental good is always precious to preserve, but what does it mean in practice? As environmental impact assessment practitioners, market players still struggle with cost-effective, modernised, scientific approaches to achieving overall environmental, social, and governance (ESG) on the decarbonisation roadmap. We want to help the industry comprehend ESG implications and the latest digitalisation development reachingContinue reading “How to get on track in transforming construction with global responsibility”

How can you correctly measure noise?

You may be engaged in noise measurements in a workshop, measuring with all objects running simultaneously. If you stay there, you will get the data for all objects and the overall sound pressure level in the room. In many cases, background noise may drown out the particular machine noise during measurement. How do you eliminateContinue reading “How can you correctly measure noise?”

When inevitable, how do we do to tackle the noise issue affecting us?

Years ago, ANewR had received a call: “We know we are noisy, it is inevitable. We still want to reduce the noise impact, but we do not know who is the most severe noise generator. We are puzzled.” ANewR told the client: “Noise monitoring is our strength. We have everything here to support. Let usContinue reading “When inevitable, how do we do to tackle the noise issue affecting us?”

What move could the corporates take to demonstrate their authentic selves?

The bottom line is the final total of an account or balance sheet. In 1994, the bottom line concept was essentially transformed because of the entrepreneur and business writer John Elkington. The triple bottom line was coined. The three bottom lines (Profit, People, and Planet) harmonise seamlessly with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) that theContinue reading “What move could the corporates take to demonstrate their authentic selves?”

Green resolution is always hard – this is why we need environmental consultant.

Thanks to Julia Park to explain why retrofitting existing buildings is not always easy and straight forward. It is advantageous to get the environmental consultant involved and apply environmental design in the early development stage. In the 21 century, let’s take a long-term environmental impact and healthy living conditions into consideration in the early urbanContinue reading “Green resolution is always hard – this is why we need environmental consultant.”

Protecting our environment is one of our right

What is Human Rights Day about? 10 December is Human Rights Day. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights #30 – No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights. A pleasant environment for our living and working is one thing; another is about our obligation to protect it. Explore with ANewR for how to improve ourContinue reading “Protecting our environment is one of our right”

Be a prestigious corporation, join green building action

We are your green building consultant. Do you know? According to the official website, BEAM Plus, formerly known as HK-BEAM (first initiated in 1996), is one of the most widely used voluntary green building certification schemes of its kind globally, on a per capita basis. This is ANewR. We are the BEAM Plus consultant forContinue reading “Be a prestigious corporation, join green building action”