SoundPLANnoise 9.0: Empowering Professionals to Control Noise Pollution

SoundPLANnoise 9.0 empowers professionals to predict and assess environmental noise, identify its harmful effects on public health, and develop effective strategies to manage and control it. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it sets new standards for modern, dynamic, and intuitive software. As a local partner of SoundPLAN in Hong Kong, ANEWR Consulting provides technical assistance and consulting services to help achieve noise control goals.

Elevate Your HR Career with ESG: Become a Certified Sustainability Leader

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is becoming increasingly important in business, and HR professionals need to integrate ESG considerations into their work to stay ahead of the curve. With the CESGF certification, provided by Matters Academy and led by Dr. Glenn Frommer, HR professionals can gain a comprehensive understanding of ESG and become certified sustainability leaders.

ESG Made Easy: How a Short Online Course Can Supercharge Your Sustainability Knowledge

ESG is a hot topic, and with good reason. Investing in ESG education can provide short and long-term benefits such as better decision-making, increased transparency, better risk management, and competitive advantage. Enrolling in a shorter, self-paced, and low-cost ESG course like the CESGF Certificate ESG Foundation Course can be a great option to gain knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the world of sustainability.

Become a Climate Change Leader: Why Learning ISO14064-1 is Vital for Your Business’s Success

ISO 14064-1 is a vital standard for businesses looking to become climate change leaders. It provides guidance on how to measure, report, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, allowing businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Matters Academy offers online training courses on ISO 14064-1, providing learners with a flexible and cost-effective option to develop their sustainability knowledge and skills.

Five Superpowers of Environmental Consultants that ChatGPT Can’t Match

Environmental consultants possess skills and abilities that AI language models like ChatGPT cannot match. These skills include field experience, technical expertise, regulatory compliance knowledge, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and professional judgement and decision-making. Human consultants can factor in various perspectives and make informed decisions based on the available data, while AI can only provide information and suggest possible solutions.

Improving Acoustics with the SonoCat: How In-Situ Measurements Are Changing the Game

The SonoCat is changing the game for sound measurement and control with its ability to perform measurements on site, in-situ. Its local plane-wave method for measuring sound absorption makes it a valuable tool for acoustic engineers and designers looking to create comfortable and productive environments. With the SonoCat, improving acoustics has never been easier or more accurate, and there is no need to do noise testing in a laboratory with its unrealistic conditions, restrictions, costs, and time-consuming processes.

Quantitative Soundscape Analysis: Decoding Perception for Better Acoustical Environments

In this latest episode of ACROSS ACOUSTICS, Andrew Mitchell from The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment delves into the fascinating topic of quantitative soundscape analysis. Mitchell shares his insights on how researchers analyze and represent data to reflect the perception of different individuals in a soundscape. As professionals in the acoustic field, it is crucial to understand the techniques and tools used to shape better acoustical environments. Join us in exploring this intriguing topic and learn more about the role of acoustics in understanding how we experience our environment. Follow the link to listen to the episode.

Fundraising Event to Support Hong Kong Youngsters to Obtain Professional Basketball Training

On this very hot day over the long mid-autumn weekend, the ANEWR team enjoyed basketball games with other caring enterprises in Hong Kong to raise funds for the youngsters. Organised by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, this all-day event was held at their Wu Kai Sha campsite by the sea. ANEWR was pleased toContinue reading “Fundraising Event to Support Hong Kong Youngsters to Obtain Professional Basketball Training”