Aircraft Noise – Hong Kong AEDT Consultants with Aviation Environmental Design Tool

aircraft noise consultant

ANewR acoustics consultants have been supporting the aviation sectors in the Greater China region for the past decade from airport planning, flight path alteration to community engagement.  We assess potential environmental noise impacts and produce noise contours based on the flight path, aircraft type and loading, tilting angle, etc.  We are one of the very few aircraft noise consultants in the region completing computer modelling for over 360,000 flight paths.

From FAA’s INM (Integrated Noise Model) to AEDT (Aviation Environmental Design Tool), the ANewR acoustics consulting team is proficient in state-of-the-art computer software systems as well as GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to dynamically simulate both the spatial and temporal aircraft performance when consuming fuels, producing emissions and noise.  Be it a single flight or any larger scale scenarios, ANewR is capable to use AEDT to undertake full flight gate-to-gate analyses as well as to study the relationships among aircraft-related fuel consumptions, noise and emissions.

While computer simulation is crucial for predicting potential noise performance, field measurement of noise levels is of equal importance.  The ANewR monitoring specialists possess unparalleled knowledge and experience to carry out professional measurements from obtaining baseline noise levels to validation of modelling outcomes.  Of particular relevance, we are equipped with 128-microphone acoustic camera (Norsonic Nor848A) to study the acoustical properties and localise sound sources of both the interior cabin and the aircraft frame by providing visual images of sound.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop to provide professional services and solutions as follows:

  • Computer simulation using AEDT
  • Automatic noise monitoring system
  • Noise performance verification by field measurements
  • Sound visualisation by Acoustic Camera (beam-forming)

please contact us whereby we would only be too pleased to assist.