– Air Quality


ANewR offers a focused service on all aspects of air pollution to enable clients to face the challenges of environmental planning, pollution control and regulatory compliance. We have a highly experienced team of air pollution specialists who have expertise in a variety of disciplines, which includes ambient air monitoring, dispersion modelling and abatement techniques.

Areas of Expertise

We have extensive experience and technical understanding of a wide range of air quality issues and mitigation measures.  Our areas of expertise include:

Air Quality Impact Assessment and Monitoring

  • Baseline surveys for the existing levels of the selected gaseous and particulate substances to assess ambient air quality.
  • Monitoring of pollutants generated during construction sites and operation of proposed development, and the review and formulation of planning and environmental gains of sensitive sites.
  • Atmospheric dispersion modeling of static and mobile emission sources to predict the likely effect of the pollutants on sensitive locations in both short and long term basis.
  • Advice on the suitability and application of various abatement technologies.
  • Assistance in planning applications and provision of design criteria to allow our clients to meet the air quality related statutory obligations.

Air Ventilation Assessment (AVA)

  • Assess the impacts of proposed development on pedestrian wind environment.
  • Prediction of airflow and temperature distribution in and around buildings using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Odour Impact Assessment and Monitoring

  • Odour Patrol
  • Olfactometry
  • Complaints Analysis

Air Quality for BEAM Plus

  • Baseline and impact construction dust monitoring in compliance with statutory and contract requirements or in support of green building certification
  • Indoor air quality measurements for various parameters such as carbon monoxide, respirable suspended particulates, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds, radon, temperature and relative humidity