Noise Consultancy Services in Support of Renewal of Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) Labels for Generator

Possessing a qualified member of the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics (HKIOA), ANewR is designated to support the Renewal of Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment Label (QPME Label) for generators. We will provide consultancy services, including in-situ noise measurements, preparation of noise reports validated by HKIOA members, and provision of Registered Professional Engineer (RPE) endorsement of […]

Renewal of the Existing QPME Labels for On-wagon Generators in SIL

The task is to renew the existing QPME (Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment ) labels for on-wagon generators in SIL. Including the validation, issuance, and submission of the Noise Measurement Report and Maintenance Record Checklist will be provided to EPD for renewal purposes. ANewR will provide services of: Provision of Competent acoustical professional; Conduct and validate […]

Noise Measurement for QPME

Noise Measurement for QPME

ANewR Environmental Consultants were commissioned to study the noise performance of various Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) items including: generators excavators handheld breakers A detailed review of the noise levels of the existing QPME items was undertaken by comparing the noise levels (SWL) determined by measurement methods as required under (i) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, […]

QPME Label: Apply New and Renew Existing

Capitalising on our extensive knowledge and experience in the application and renewal of Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) labelling system in Hong Kong, ANewR is able to provide professional and cost-effective services to support your QPME matters, from measurement and testing, change of ownership, taking stock of maintenance records to reporting and preparation of the […]

Multi-Channel Acoustic System

In virtue of the increasing needs of the residential dwellings, together with limited land resources, residents in urban areas are inevitably exposed to a high level of road traffic noise.  To protect residents in the public / private developments affected by road traffic noise, innovative noise mitigation designs and measures such as acoustic windows and enhanced acoustic […]

Acoustic, Noise & Vibration Consultants

ANewR consultants, who are qualified MHKIOA and MIOA, have extensive experience in measuring & analysing sound, noise & vibration.  We are competent in supporting: Soundscape Design by Big Data 3D Visualisation of Noise Impacts Noise Surveys and Monitoring Road Traffic Noise Impact Assessment Construction Noise Impact Assessment / Permitting Rail Noise Impact Assessment Diagnosis of […]

ANewR Environmental Consultants

ANEWR Environmental Consultants specialising digital EIA noise acoustics air quality and sustainability

ANewR Consulting aims to drive sustainability excellence and digital transformation with innovation 通過創新推動可持續發展卓越和數字化轉型