SoundPLANnoise 9.0: Empowering Professionals to Control Noise Pollution

SoundPLANnoise 9.0 empowers professionals to predict and assess environmental noise, identify its harmful effects on public health, and develop effective strategies to manage and control it. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it sets new standards for modern, dynamic, and intuitive software. As a local partner of SoundPLAN in Hong Kong, ANEWR Consulting provides technical assistance and consulting services to help achieve noise control goals.


Expert Assessment & Advisory Environmental Issues Management Environmental Policy Evaluation Comprehensive Audit & Measurement Mitigation Design Laws & Regulations Compliance Sustainability Awareness Public Engagement Digitalisation Monitoring & Enforcement Information & Communication Technology ANEWR consultants are investigative individuals – intellectual, reflective, and curious. Our independence ensures systematic, rational, and analytical research for clients’ issues. Working forContinue reading “Consultation”

Acoustic & Vibration

We support Soundscape Design By Big Data 3D Visualisation Of Noise Impacts Noise Surveys And Monitoring Road Traffic Noise Impact Assessment/Permitting Rail Noise Impact Assessment Diagnosis Of Acoustics & Vibration Concerns Industrial Noise Impact Assessment Testing Facility & Laboratory Setup Acoustic Monitoring System Feasibility Study And Design of Noise Mitigation Measures Noise Assessment for PlanningContinue reading “Acoustic & Vibration”

How do SMEs fit into the ESG world?

In this era, climate change is the burning topic for sustainability. Temperature increases, Sea Level rises, and GHG emissions increase constitute global efforts to address climate change’s impact, e.g. 2015 Paris Agreement and 2021 UN Climate Change Conference COP26. While in Hong Kong, The 2020 Policy Address proclaimed that Hong Kong would aspire to commitContinue reading “How do SMEs fit into the ESG world?”

How to capitalise on GIS’s capabilities to enhance ecological protection practice, enforcement and stakeholder engagement

We are happy to be a member of the ESRI Partner Network. As a reputable geographic information system (GIS) technology provider, ESRI has participated in worldwide climate crisis projects by providing a GIS application. ANewR, as an environmental consultant, has capitalised on GIS’s capabilities in visualisation, mapping, and assessment projects, aiming to enhance ecological protectionContinue reading “How to capitalise on GIS’s capabilities to enhance ecological protection practice, enforcement and stakeholder engagement”

How to utilise GIS in a complex project

Have you been frustrated about the copious data sets that crossed the functions for a single project and found it exponentially laborious to make the judgment? Projects have their novelty that sets the project is distinct from the regular operation. The front-line operation, data collection, analysis, maintenance, management will run very strewed when there areContinue reading “How to utilise GIS in a complex project”

We are your GIS consultant

Let’s start with a story. Mr. and Mrs. Green have found a unique creature used to be very active in an area now disappearing. They did not want to guess the reason for disappearing. With the spirit of finding the truth, they want to know whether the recent urban settlement should be accused. Perhaps, thereContinue reading “We are your GIS consultant”

Geographical Information System

GIS – Geographic Information System, defined by ESRI, is a computer system to obtain, collect, validate, and visualise Earth’s surface position data. GIS can integrate data of streets, buildings, vegetation into one map. By uploading information of population, income distribution, sorts of demographic data, We will know the relationships among elements in one area howContinue reading “Geographical Information System”