Aircraft Noise – Hong Kong AEDT Consultants with Aviation Environmental Design Tool

ANewR acoustics consultants have been supporting the aviation sectors in the Greater China region for the past decade from airport planning, flight path alteration to community engagement.  We assess potential environmental noise impacts and produce noise contours based on the flight path, aircraft type and loading, tilting angle, etc.  We are one of the very few aircraft […]

Acoustic, Noise & Vibration Consultants

ANewR consultants, who are qualified MHKIOA and MIOA, have extensive experience in measuring & analysing sound, noise & vibration.  We are competent in supporting: Soundscape Design by Big Data 3D Visualisation of Noise Impacts Noise Surveys and Monitoring Road Traffic Noise Impact Assessment Construction Noise Impact Assessment / Permitting Rail Noise Impact Assessment Diagnosis of […]

Noise Measurement for QPME

Noise Measurement for QPME

ANewR Environmental Consultants were commissioned to study the noise performance of various Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) items including: generators excavators handheld breakers A detailed review of the noise levels of the existing QPME items was undertaken by comparing the noise levels (SWL) determined by measurement methods as required under (i) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, […]

BEAM Plus – The Hong Kong Green Building Certification Consultants

ANewR provides specialists consultancy services for developers, architects, planners, building owners, contractors and operator seeking BEAM Plus Certification in Hong Kong. Our team comprises numerous BEAM Professional (BEAM Pro) accredited in Hong Kong who are able to support your projects to achieve a higher environmental standard in compliance with relevant credit requirement of BEAM Plus for various types of buildings […]

ANewR Info Tech Consultants

anewr mobile

ANewR develops award-winning software solutions for environmental assurance.  We believe that the use of ICT enables our Clients to achieve relevant ECO goals more cost-effectively. Our solutions have been adopted in transportation, power, education and government sectors across Asia. Our mission is to become the global leading provider of environmental software solutions towards total sustainability, capitalising […]

ANewR Environmental Consultants

ANewR Consulting Limited is specialised in a number of niche areas where professional environmental services are provided as: BEAM Plus Consultant IEC Independent Environmental Checker Aircraft Noise AEDT Consultant Acoustic, Noise & Vibration Consultant Noise Consultant to support Noise Permit and Emission Label applications ESG Consultant and GRI Consultant Environmental Design QPME Label: Apply New and Renew […]

CNP Application for Station Improvement Works at MOK Station

ANewR is the noise consultant for the contractor of the station improvement works.  We carried out in-situ noise measurements to study the sound attenuation property inside the MTR station and noise reduction performance of the acoustic enclosure in supporting of the CNP application for night works.  With our advice on the application strategy and technical […]

San Tin Highway

Environmental Review for Retrofitting of Noise Barrier on San Tin Highway

ANewR Environmental Consultants were commissioned to undertake an environmental review for the retrofitting of noise barriers on San Tin Highway for Highways Department (HyD).