CNP Application

cnp apply

A legal requirement is to apply Construction Noise Permit (CNP) for conducting percussive piling between 0700 and 1900 during weekdays and using powered machine equipment during the weekend. Why outsource? Our consultant, qualified as an HKIOA member, can work measurements for our client to apply CNP. Our CNPapply is made to provide a quick and […]

Construction Noise Permit CNP Application for Kowloon Tong Station

Noise Consultancy Services of CNP Application for Kowloon Tong Station

ANEWR was commissioned to perform measurement to determine how the noise levels attenuate against distance from the source within the station, the methodology was discussed amongst EPD, MTR and us to estimate the noise levels at the station exits from the works sites within the station, then determine the noise level at NSRs.

CNP Application for Station Improvement Works at MOK Station

ANewR is the noise consultant for the contractor of the station improvement works.  We carried out in-situ noise measurements to study the sound attenuation property inside the MTR station and noise reduction performance of the acoustic enclosure in supporting of the CNP application for night works.  With our advice on the application strategy and technical […]

How to get on track in transforming construction with global responsibility

Environmental good is always precious to preserve, but what does it mean in practice? As environmental impact assessment practitioners, market players still struggle with cost-effective, modernised, scientific approaches to achieving overall environmental, social, and governance (ESG) on the decarbonisation roadmap. We want to help the industry comprehend ESG implications and the latest digitalisation development reaching […]

What do we do for our client in the land contamination assessment

At the beginning of 2021, BBC News reported that the oil giant was sued for polluting the community. The news illustrates the corporate effort in maintaining good health in the operating area concerning its reputation. The neglect would cause the lawsuit and cost penalty for the improper supply chain management. It is wrong to think local community and regulations are not under the corporate scope. Apart from achieving Sustainable Development Goals and avoiding penalties, health and safety are other critical reasons to pre-assess the land condition before the development. Redeveloping a place is typical worldwide. New construction taking up the used ground for a new purpose revitalises the land – from contaminated land to sustainable urban development. In the US, the determining factors are founded […]

Why The Ocean Matters – World Ocean Day on 8 June

The recent COVID-19 social distancing restriction relaxation releases people to go out. Beaches, seaside and even underwater are where wanted by people for breathing fresh air. When we enjoy the places like this, have we ever thought about how we treat and should treat these spots? The COVID-19 Aftermath Gary Stokes from OceansAsia have found […]

Community engagement

It is fair to say a corporate serves society because the products and services are created to facilitate another business’s production and operation to output something to serve the community at last. Your business has impacts on the community’s standard of living and quality of life. The way to sustain the company is to include […]

Equal opportunity

Are you socially inclusive? United Nations has defined social inclusion as “the process of improving the terms of participation in society, particularly for people who are disadvantaged, through enhancing opportunities, access to resources, voice and respect for rights.” Who are the disadvantaged groups? Disadvantaged groups are “groups of persons that experience a higher risk of poverty, social exclusion, discrimination, and violence than the general population,” according to the European Institute for Gender Equality. Considering the Sustainability Development Goals of No Poverty, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work, and Economic Growth, as well as Reduced Inequalities, we can deduce numbers of ways to reach equal opportunity. At the functional level, the International Labour Organisation suggests starting at the workplace. Whereas by law in Hong […]

Consumer engagement

We can engage consumers through various communications channels, such as newsletters, online platforms, customer centres, hotlines, satisfaction surveys. You may set up a consumer focus group to proactively reach out to the consumers to know their needs.While consumer engagement can be practical and emotional, you will need to do more than a general practice as […]