QPME Label: Apply New and Renew Existing

Capitalising on our extensive knowledge and experience in the application and renewal of Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) labelling system in Hong Kong, ANewR is able to provide professional and cost-effective services to support your QPME matters, from measurement and testing, change of ownership, taking stock of maintenance records to reporting and preparation of the […]

Apply for Noise Permits / Emission Labels

ANewR provides professional services to support application of noise permits as well as noise emission labels in Hong Kong.  Capitalising on our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, we are able to assist you to undertake the necessary noise monitoring, modelling and assessment so as to characterise product noise performance, evaluate potential noise impacts and formulate […]


Nothing is more important to us than our Clients. Which is why every day we help best-of-breed companies and authorities discover new ways to use Environmental and Info Tech Solutions to master the challenges of an increasingly competitive marketplace. We support: Developers, Architects and Planners on planning applications and green building projects Contractors on CNP application, BEAM […]

ANewR Environmental Consultants

ANewR Consulting Limited is specialised in a number of niche areas where professional environmental services are provided as: BEAM Plus Consultant IEC Independent Environmental Checker Aircraft Noise AEDT Consultant Acoustic, Noise & Vibration Consultant Noise Consultant to support Noise Permit and Emission Label applications ESG Consultant and GRI Consultant Environmental Design QPME Label: Apply New and Renew […]