CNP Apply 申請建築噪音許可證

cnp apply

CNPapply is made to provide a quick and easy assessment of the efforts needed to prepare for a Construction Noise Permit application. Simply fill in the key information and you will get a quotation to obtain noise consultancy services to support your Construction Noise Permit (CNP) application. Proceed now

Construction Noise Permit CNP Application for Kowloon Tong Station

Noise Consultancy Services of CNP Application for Kowloon Tong Station

ANEWR was commissioned to perform measurement to determine how the noise levels attenuate against distance from the source within the station, the methodology was discussed amongst EPD, MTR and us to estimate the noise levels at the station exits from the works sites within the station, then determine the noise level at NSRs.

CNP Application for Station Improvement Works at MOK Station

ANewR is the noise consultant for the contractor of the station improvement works.  We carried out in-situ noise measurements to study the sound attenuation property inside the MTR station and noise reduction performance of the acoustic enclosure in supporting of the CNP application for night works.  With our advice on the application strategy and technical […]

Life-and-death vibration monitoring

Hospital is a compassionate venue. The operating rooms, procedure rooms, equipment are valuable and, at the same time, vulnerable to disruptive events. The vibration-sensitive machinery has a restricted floor vibration limit to maintain the proper equipment operation. In broad scope, ISO 4866: 2010 ‘Mechanical vibration and shock — Vibration of fixed structures — Guidelines for […]

How can we manage sick tree better?

Metropolitan, like Hong Kong, has incorporated environmental city design, proposing life in harmony with nature. While celebrating such a green city movement, ANewR’s client – one of the mass transport providers, has made a great move to manage the interplay with nature. There are over a million trees in Hong Kong. In 2008, a one-hundred-year-old […]

Communications mandatory for ESG performance disclosure

We gradually see more countries imposing disclosure terms on a company’s environmental and sustainability performance. Authentic performance is of great importance to be the leader in your working industry. People who want to be the first in the world could lead by an invention, innovation, and creativity developed for products or services. It also could […]