Acoustic Calibration Lab: From Specialised To Remarkably Affordable

Did you know that all the equipment needed to build up your Calibration Laboratory is available to streamline the process?

As a matter of fact, we have already arrived at the age of digitalisation. IoT (Internet of Things) and data collection, analysis, reporting and visualisation power up the operation procedure, allowing data-driven decision-making. Acoustic calibration should not be left out.

Precise calibration result is paramount, especially for law enforcement, professional setting and environment. The Environmental Protection Department of HKSARG has issued Technical Memorandum On Noise that contractors are required to follow mandatorily. Otherwise, it is illegal, and the contractors would get sued if they do not comply with the regulations.

An acoustic calibration lab in Hong Kong has marked a new chapter of acoustic calibration. The state-of-art calibration system – Norsonic NOR1504A – has been hired to automate the calibration process. The standard calibration time has effectively reduced from at least two days to less than a half day.

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We look to raise the acoustic industry standard by providing accurate, affordable, cost-effective acoustic calibration services. In light of that, acoustic calibration lab should not only conduct IEC 61672-3 Ed 2.0 (2013) (the sound level meter standard concerning the loudness – dB) but also IEC 61260:1995 standard about the sound frequency combination to cope with the demand. About 50% of customers’ sound level meter calibration service requests will conduct IEC 61260:1995 alongside IEC 61672-3 Ed 2.0 (2013), as remarked by Mr James Choi, one of the HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) Approved Signatory.

Acoustic calibration is a professional, cost-effective calibration service. Why do we not practice automated calibration operations to minimise downtime while maximising customer accuracy and performance?

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The calibration system Nor1504A can calibrate virtually any sound measuring instruments, sound calibrators and microphones commercially available, provided they have been designed according to applicable international standards. Hence, the system is by no means limited to Norsonic products alone. The verification and calibration of sound level meters in accordance with international standards is generally divided into an electrical and an acoustic part (IEC60651, IEC 60804 and IEC61672). Particular national standards have been designed to cover special needs. A typical example could be the BS7580 or the German DIN45657, which describes the testing of time constant F down to 0.25ms, statistical calculations and the Taktmaximal 3 and 5. The international standards describe tests that have been designed for type approval of an instrument design (e.g. IEC61672 part 2). Still, they do also include tests meant to be performed for verification purposes regularly (e.g. IEC61672 part 3).

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