What are the necessities of the business today?

Business continuity is particularly critical during the Covid-19 pandemic. Developing an organisation’s workforce, taking advantage of remote working, and informing leadership mentorship have become the core of sustaining the business. ESG acquaintance is essential to companies in the climate change years.

In addition, Big Data and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have recently been controversial subjects.

Whether listed companies, small and medium-sized companies or non-profit-making organisations, they are all moving towards digitalisation. For the future, we must adopt a sustainable attitude, recognise the importance of sustainable development, and pay attention to our daily actions. The first is to understand the trend and then practice.

Data is imperative to understanding where you are, where your peers are, and how you can better position yourself in the market and stay appealing to your customers. Quality and accuracy in collecting, analysing, and disseminating data are essential but can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. Those that can better utilise digital tools can get the job done more quickly and cost-effectively in the long run.

Photo above: Businesses that can better utilise digital tools can get the job done more quickly and cost-effectively in the long run

The world is shifting to digitalisation solutions to reach widespread communication. Digitalisation transforms the experience into a digital presence, contributing to a digestible expression of the technical proposal. The prevalence of digitalisation changes the perception of people.

It is still the learning age for everyone to comprehend the ESG prospect. Flexibility in facing the dynamic demand shift is the competency to sustain businesses in the long run.

By: ANewR Consulting Limited, a digital environmental consultant headquartered in Hong Kong since 2008. Our expertise has grown into the context of air and water qualities, noise, green building, waste management, and remediation. With extensive know-how in environmental planning and assessment, feasibility study and policy review, ecological design, monitoring, and audit (EM&A), ANewR has matured to be a leading management consultancy. Standing in the digital transformation reign, ANewR has participated in various environmental digital projects – interactive 3D visualisation, immersive automation virtual environment, Virtual reality, automation system, and monitoring platforms.
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