How to achieve community engagement

It is fair to say a corporate serves society because the products and services are created to facilitate another business’s production and operation to output something to serve the community at last.

Your business has impacts on the community’s standard of living and quality of life. The way to sustain the company is to include the environment and society in the context.

How to work on community engagement?

First, what are your community initiatives? You may mainly focus on community health or particular community groups such as youth or the environment. You will then be able to develop programs targeting the communities you want to serve.

Your community engagement program can include pet projects, philanthropy, propaganda, and partnering. When considering the type of engagement you want to enforce, you may take two benefits into account – benefits to society and services to the business.

Pet project is a personal-goal pursued activity that may not have the general acceptance as necessary or essential. As it is not community-focus, the pet project is regarded as the least beneficial to society and the business.

Philanthropy has a clear target to reach to the community, but the business goodwill may not be enhanced without the actual involvement. Propaganda is a way to publicly promote the point of view; the act may not cause a substantial contribution to society.

A partnership is beyond philanthropy and propaganda, constituting high levels of benefits to society and business. Each party taps into the resources and expertise to look for an inventive solution to the community’s challenges.

Focus your efforts, develop a knowledge of the issues and benefits, and look for suitable allies to practice your community commitment.

By: ANewR Consulting Limited, a digital environmental consultant headquartered in Hong Kong since 2008. Our expertise has grown into the context of air and water qualities, noise, green building, waste management, and remediation. With extensive know-how in environmental planning and assessment, feasibility study and policy review, ecological design, monitoring, and audit (EM&A), ANewR has matured to be a leading management consultancy. Standing in the digital transformation reign, ANewR has participated in various environmental digital projects – interactive 3D visualisation, immersive automation virtual environment, Virtual reality, automation system, and monitoring platforms.
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