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We are happy to connect prominent ocean activists to learn more about the burning ocean issues.

Shark Lady

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For the past 30 years, Ms. Richey has lived in Hong Kong and worked for a wide variety of corporate and NGO entities. Since 2015, she has worked and volunteered for the Hong Kong Shark Foundation in many capacities, most recently as the Executive Director raising awareness about shark conservation and educating people to stop eating shark fin soup and all shark products. 

Shark fin soup has long been consumed, dating all the way back to the Song Dynasty. The massive decline in the shark population in recent years brings to light the importance of saving sharks. 

In this lecture, we have invited Ms Andrea Rickey, also known as the Shark Lady, to share her passion in being part of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation. Learn about how sharks benefit the ocean, why we need to protect sharks, and what we can do to save them in this lecture. 

An SME’s Dive into ESG-Stephen Au Founder of Diving Adventure

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Stephen Au is a diving training director with more than ten years of experience in training divers and instructors of all levels. Experienced in training thousands of divers, Stephen has organized diving groups worldwide, including Maldives, Red Sea, Palau, South America, Ecuador, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. His diving enthusiasm has even extended to travel to Antarctica and ice diving in Hokkaido, Japan. In addition to diving teaching, Stephen also actively promotes marine conservation, encouraging the public to establish an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle and appreciate the beauty of the ocean together.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is no longer just a hot topic for multinational companies. In fact, an SME from a very niche industry has been awarded for their efforts in ESG. Mr. Stephen Au, an experienced diver and the Founder of Diving Adventure will share with us about his green initiative, how he brought people with disabilities into the action and his ESG initiative as an SME in Hong Kong.

By: ANewR Consulting Limited, a digital environmental consultant headquartered in Hong Kong since 2008. Our expertise has grown into the context of air and water qualities, noise, green building, waste management, and remediation. With extensive know-how in environmental planning and assessment, feasibility study and policy review, ecological design, monitoring, and audit (EM&A), ANewR has matured to be a leading management consultancy. Standing in the digital transformation reign, ANewR has participated in various environmental digital projects – interactive 3D visualisation, immersive automation virtual environment, Virtual reality, automation system, and monitoring platforms.
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