10 Ocean Matters – quiz yourselves for what you know about the ocean

Do you know?

“The ocean absorbs around 23 percent ofthe annual emissions of anthropogeniccarbon dioxide to the atmosphere, helpingto alleviate the impacts of climate change onthe planet, however, resulting in adecreasing pH and acidification of theocean. A new ocean acidification data portalshows an increase in variability in pH andthe acidity of the oceans by 10 to 30percent in the period 2015–2019.”

“The drastic reduction in human activitybrought about by COVID-19 may be achange for the ocean to recuperate.”

Source: https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal14

The current ocean matters arealarming. The remedies are farbehind the humans’ exploitation.Ocean Matters series raise oceanawareness through animated videosand activities, targeting the schoolteachers and their students andanyone eager to discover differentdiscussion topics.

The concept behind Ocean Matters is- Knowledge can bring awareness ofthe problems happening around us.We can learn empathy,encouragement to learn a topic cantrigger actions and habits. The OceanMatters series will reveal to non-diverabout the ocean fun facts and whatissues our ocean is facing.

10 Ocean Matters and Elite Talks are the awareness-raisingonline courses to unveil the current ocean issues worldwide.

The elementary online course includes the following episodes:

1) Can fish remember? Can fish feel?

2) What do fish know?

3) Can we imitate fish?

4) What do ocean creatures do for us?

5) The wrong pick in the ocean

6) How does reef fish live?

7) Do fish need a bath?

8) How to do ocean research

9) What is it about under Hong Kong water?

10) Global movement running

For the Elite Talks topics, please refer to the Matters Academy, Ocean Series – https://www.matters.academy/ocean-series.

Each episode associates with a quiz and a certification ofcompletion to record what you get here.

To register attending 10 Ocean Matters, visit https://www.matters.academy/course/ocean-matters.

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