Modelling (Infographics)

By regulation, the external environment can be dealt with by launching an environmental assessment; an indoor environment is another important quality affecting people. We are obliged to assess construction and development. For the interior environment, noise, heating and lighting are three crucial elements for the users’ comfort. The overall sensation is also about where the facility sits. Therefore, we engage a list of modelling to analyse the environmental situation.

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By: ANewR Consulting Limited, a digital environmental consultant headquartered in Hong Kong since 2008. Our expertise has grown into the context of air and water qualities, noise, green building, waste management, and remediation. With extensive know-how in environmental planning and assessment, feasibility study and policy review, ecological design, monitoring, and audit (EM&A), ANewR has matured to be a leading management consultancy. Standing in the digital transformation reign, ANewR has participated in various environmental digital projects – interactive 3D visualisation, immersive automation virtual environment, Virtual reality, automation system, and monitoring platforms.
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