The move to green school

Do you know? The World Green Building Council’s statistic over the past two decades tells that the US students’ oral reading fluency jumps by 36% due to the standard lighting conditions improved by 16%.

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Every 100 parts per million rise in CO2 drives to one-half day per year absent in the UK.

Finnish students have achieved 4% more correct answers in a maths test when exposed to a thermally comfortable learning environment.

The noise level increased by 10 dB, the French students will score 5.5 points less.

Having our youths study at the optimal lighting, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and acoustics conditions will boost their education excellency; the meaning behind is to reduce the energy used and carbon emission – this is the goal of having a green building.

To participate in the green building action, what you need to comprehend is:

  • Green construction practices – minimising the use of resources, energy, and waste production, and selecting green building materials;
  • Professional environmental measurements, including noise, dust, indoor air quality, indoor acoustics, and vibration;
  • What to do with submitting all necessary information, reports, and documents to the Architect, Engineer, and Project professionals’ satisfaction;
  • What relevant green building credits you acquire to ultimately achieved a higher environmental star standard and enhance its comfortability for potential users.

Join the green school action.

Video – What does a green building mean to you, our next generation and the society?:

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