What instrument do we need for noise measurement?

Humans hear because our ears function to allow us to feel the vibration of the sound power emitted from the source object. Therefore, we need an instrument that hears the way we do for noise monitoring. This is the sound level meter. The weighting network built-in in the sound level meter will function to weigh. It is working like our ears, which emphasises or weighs some parts compared to others.

Photo above: Norsonic sound level meter

In the world of digitalisation, we fully utilise the Internet and website to conduct monitoring. The noise data collected by the sound level meter will be transferred via the Internet. We will make good use of the dashboard to view the data collected online. The digitalisation saves the human resources we used to need for monitoring. We can now easily retrieve the data in real-time and the historical records.


Photo above: d-Noise monitoring platform

What kind of data should we record? First and foremost, the dB of our monitored environment. The corresponding date and time are to let us find out when the particular event happens. And this is the reason why we need historical data over a period. Additionally, we may want to know about the weather condition as the rainy day may force us to abandon the monitoring for the rain splash sound. Sometimes, you want to monitor the sound levels at several locations. A station list with the map embedded on the dashboard is a helpful tool to reveal which station you are reviewing.

You have learned about the critical elements of noise measurement. Now, let’s act together – Observe your environment; Identify the noisy areas you would like to monitor; Know your noise monitoring device; Set up the noise monitoring station; Learn the dashboard to record the data; Brief about noise monitoring factors and mitigation measures. Study the noise in your environment for a period. You will find out the characteristic of your place and think about what to do.

We bear a responsibility to protect and improve the environment. Can you think of a way of creativity to deal with the noise problem you have? Any thought about utilising a noise absorption material to design the mitigation with aesthetics in mind?

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