The concept of noise

Put yourself into the shoes of a sleepless victim who endure mosquitos emitting a whining sound at night. Certainly, mosquitos sound would not make you lose hearing, but you can say it is noise because of the headache, hearing high-pitched noises, exhaustion, dizziness, and nausea mosquitos cause you. Noise is an unwanted sound connected with the feeling of annoyance.

What is sound? Sound is the vibration transformation into a sound wave through a medium of gaseous, liquid, or solid elastic. The sound wave variation determines whether humans can hear about the sound. Human ears can detect variations at least 20 times a second, but not more frequent than 20000 times a second (20Hz-20kHz). And, this is Hertz.

What is a decibel? dB is a ratio between received and transmitted signal strength on a log scale. 1dB is the slightest variation that human ears can detect. 3dB differences are equivalent to the double of the sound level. The sound level humans receive comprises the sound reflected from the wall and the amount of sound being transmitted into adjacent rooms.

Human ears would not receive the complete sound level emitting from the objects. A certain level would be lost in transmission. Sound power level is the acoustic energy emitted from the source. Another concept is Sound pressure level, which measures what humans hear—the sound pressure level results from the sound energy ejected from the source transmitting to a received location. Sound power is the cause, and sound pressure is the effect.

What happens if we have more than one noise source in the room? Is the result the sum of the individual sound pressures? No, it is not the sum of the particular sound pressures.

What you should do is measure the sound pressure level of each object and calculate the difference. Look at the graph below, find the dB point on the horizontal axis, and find the value on the vertical axis according to the intersection. Add the value onto the most vociferous object. Another method is to calculate the total sound power with an equation.

Now, you have an idea what sound and noise are about. How do we practically and scientifically study noise in our environment?

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