How do we assess the determinants of development?

If you live in a city, you will know why land supply is so material to the city dwellers. A crowded metropolitan like Hong Kong is a city surrounded by mountains. It is not easy for urban expansion.

For environmental protection reasons, some green areas are scaled as a country park for public access. It is prohibited to exploit green spaces. The terrain confines the city’s growth.

This is why we have urban redevelopment projects—turning an abandoned ex-school building and a basketball court into a public rental housing settlement, which comprises a neighborhood elderly center, residential block, a car parking area.

In the redevelopment project, a competent team player is a great asset when recommending viable solutions in dealing with site-specific constraints. How do you assess when the enormous plant noise source has been presented there for a long time and will not be able to lessen?

Each development should consider environmental issues to ensure an amicable settlement. By changing the land use, there is a lot to assess – the potential noise impacts of road traffic, the air quality impact from the nearby road sections.

A competent team member shall closely liaise with the client and the government authorities in seeking consensus on the assessment methodology and sound assumptions for the activity, utilization rate, and some fixed noise sources.

In dealing with the heavy traffic noise, professional consultant duly explores practicable mitigation measures such as the podium structure, building setbacks, building orientation and disposition, canopy, architectural fins, and epoch-making enhanced acoustic balconies to fulfill the compliance requirement. By actively partaking in the project and capitalising on professionals’ experiences, professional consultants have helped complete the tasks effectively.

Let’s be green city dwellers.

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