When inevitable, how do we do to tackle the noise issue affecting us?

Years ago, ANewR had received a call: “We know we are noisy, it is inevitable. We still want to reduce the noise impact, but we do not know who is the most severe noise generator. We are puzzled.”

Photo above: How would you feel you live nearby? What should the authority do for the neighbourhood?

ANewR told the client: “Noise monitoring is our strength. We have everything here to support. Let us help you.”

Let’s look back: Over the past few years, ANewR has set up the 24-hour noise monitoring system and stations. We have been in charge of the noise monitoring operation and management.

The monitoring approach adopted was scientific; it validated all the reporting and the recommendation to identify the noise impact on our client’s surrounding areas.

Another merit given to the approach was that applying systematic monitoring already ensured compliance with international standards.

Our noise monitoring management process is based on flexibility, and it works. An improved IT infrastructure is supposed to make a quick response to the incident.

In case of the connection failure, the system automatically reconnected to the fixed aviation noise monitoring station and generally operated after a few hours, or resumed regular operation after ANewR reaching to restart the sound level meter short period.

Why do our clients stick with us? Because they can trust in our work. That’s why ANewR has been endeavoring for quality service and IT measure development.

ANewR encourages our clients and staff to find the potential for improvements and innovations.

ANewR is happy about our trustworthy cooperation during the past few years – and the new collaboration will come. Let’s tackle the difficulties together!

Video – When inevitable, how do we do to tackle the noise issue affecting us?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJxUtcEqIH8&t=2s

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