When do you take the acoustic solution into your monitoring scope

Received noise complaints, but could not confirm where the noise came from? Have you ever encountered a case that your machine is too noisy but do not know what it is? Do you know what to do to benchmark the “right” construction equipment in the acoustic term?

There are two essential supporting document systems to benchmark your environmental-friendly construction equipment – EU System and MLIT of Japan System. The application requires measurement and testing, change of ownership, taking stock of maintenance records to report, and preparing the essential documents. Those documents, such as Sound Test Report, need to be verified by certified bodies and signed off by the professionals.

On the other hand, acoustic solution helps you to find out a loud source.

It is often difficult for humans’ ears to identify where the noise is coming from. Professionals utilise intelligent acoustic technologies to find out the source of the noisy problems.

A compass – a compass is used for navigation and orientation. It is a tool giving us direction.

What compass is this when the compass is used to find the noise? Noise compass is using the correlation technique, calculating the direction and looking for the dominant noise source. The chief noise source in a rowdy and crowded situation can be found when there are significantly comparable sound levels. The accuracy of noise direction relies on the quality indicator to tell the diffuse field characteristic’s uncertainty. The highly unique noise source defines the quality level. Therefore, noise measurement using a noise compass can be tricky in an indoor environment and a reflective setting.

Video – How to know from where noise comes in a complex environment – what hardware and software do we need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZQXQE7l-zU&t=12s

While the noise compass gives you direction, combining the sound level meter that can mark and separate the measurement from the defined order can maximise the use and the result.

The chaotic, noisy situation encounters in a construction site near road often. This is when you take the acoustic solution into your monitoring scope.

Video – How can you find the noise, not with your ears, but with a scientific method? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiEHQhrxCBs&t=85s

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