What will our future of environmental monitoring be?

What will our future of environmental monitoring be?

Virtual Reality – Virtual reality is a game-changer. In an environmental sense, it mimics the surroundings, and we can add our external idea into the simulated environment to virtually test the practicability. Thoroughly to learn the project environment, the authorities and stakeholders are effortlessly to recognise the potential externality before moving on urban development.

Smart monitoring and auditing – An automated monitoring system automatically signals the breaches and visually verifies the sources. All data is filed and immediately accessible for use. The system contributes substantial savings in manpower and costs for site monitoring works and enhances information distribution amongst project parties.

Smart enforcement – To effectively combat environmental crime, random inspection and control is hardly adequate. Target enforcement action and strategy are set to surveillance the risk. The risk-based approach uses a webcam system, unmanned aerial vehicle to surveil, and a project website to release surveillance information.

Smart city blueprint – Urban challenges are addressed by innovation and technology. City management is going digital to keep up with the demand for sustainable living – people- centric’s city associates with environmental-friendly living conditions. Beyond the 3D E.I.A., environmental design is a profession to master to bring out a sustainable city.

Cave automatic virtual environment – The triumph is given to the projects which the people can feel and experience the benefits of smart city planning brings. The digital roadmap in environmental evaluation from applying the CAVE platform for an immersive experience is assuring thorough stakeholder engagement.

Smart environmental assessment system – Once the data is captured, these data are the lesson learnt. It is essential to reposit them, reuse them as reference for future projects. Smart Environmental Assessment System is intelligently capable of learning from past E.I.A. and performing E.I.A. for projects and planning, analysing public comment, and proposing mitigation measures. Environmental constraints will be identified by retrieving the map previously derived from geospatial data. Automated EM&A checking system and integration of 5G and artificial intelligence technology heighten the enforcement measures.

Video – What will our environmental service be like in the future?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-1SnZ74thc&t=61s

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