We have noise mitigation measures; why we still need a professional system to monitor

In virtue of the increasing needs of the residential dwellings, together with limited land resources, residents in urban areas are inevitably exposed to a high level of road traffic noise.

Innovative noise mitigation designs and measures, such as acoustic windows and enhanced acoustic balconies, have been proposed to alleviate the noise impact, aiming to protect residents affected by road traffic noise.

However, the noise reduction performance of the innovative noise mitigation designs is only determined experimentally, concerning distance and elevated angles from the traffic sources, the opening size, overlapping length, gap width, and windows’ absorptive material.

It does not consider the workmanship, which may finally deteriorate the noise reduction performance of the innovative noise mitigation designs. Therefore, a mock-up or field test by Six-channel Acoustic Measurement System and Acoustic Camera is decisive for securing the noise reduction performance.

Professionals make good use of a state-of-the-art Six-Channel Acoustic Measurement System and Acoustic Camera, which comply with international standards. Besides, the quality professional services from a consultant in acoustic consultancy and associated noise measurements is of great importance. All noise measurements are undertaken according to the most rigorous QA procedures and international standards’ methodologies to ensure quality data.

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Video – Design thinking behind the development of Hextile Acoustic Camera for sound locating applications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1Xy9oUBlto&t=12s

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