We are your GIS consultant

Let’s start with a story.

Mr. and Mrs. Green have found a unique creature used to be very active in an area now disappearing. They did not want to guess the reason for disappearing. With the spirit of finding the truth, they want to know whether the recent urban settlement should be accused. Perhaps, there is another reason? What method can they apply to find out the changes and patterns?

GIS – Geographic Information System, defined by National Geographic, is a computer system to obtain, collect, validate, and visualise Earth’s surface position data.

GIS can integrate data of streets, buildings, vegetation into one map. By uploading information of population, income distribution, sorts of demographic data, We will know the relationships among elements in one area how they affect each other.

In the case of Mr. and Mrs. Green, they can hire the GIS consultant to perform geospatial data analysis, what-if scenario analysis to support their hypothesis. Is the decreasing number of special creatures caused by the increasing human settlement? Importing more data layers into GIS, GIS will give Mr. and Mrs. Green a clearer picture of the pattern.

To track the progress, you need scientific data. Data allows you to study the project, discover the trend, understand the correlations between factors. It is useful for your:
– conservation project
– development project
– research and academic study
– ecological study
– school discovery scheme

A-NewR has experience applying GIS in visual impact assessment for road projects, development planning, engineering studies, mapping tree records, historical buildings’ Conservation, and Revitalisation, Fly-Through, Drive-Through, and Walk-Through videos, environmental monitoring tasks. We will be your right partner in smart city projects.

One of the ANewR’s track record is to provide a desktop GIS software with an associated service package to map the tree records from the complaint register, Tree Register, and Tree Failure Database. The users are empowered in tracking the progress of follow up action and mitigation measures completed by the tree management and maintenance departments.

Find out the potential use of GIS with us now.

Video – What is GIS technology and its applications in city development and resources management: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8OagV54iCk&t=25s

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