Finding the landfills aesthetic

Enchanting is the word we see in fairy tales. In the animation, the characters cast a spell on things ungraceful, turning them into attractive ones. Incorporating in an environmental term, can we perform magic to enchant the landfill to be a greenfield? The great news is that we do not need to work on magic to make things green. In the real world, we have the competence and capability to make our environment better.

At the waste-fill part of the landfill, the HDPE liner and soil will cover on top. This cover ensures the surface water is not penetrating the waste-fill layer, reducing the chance of leachate generation. The waste-fill layer exposure would potentially cause odour and gas leakage, triggering fire hazards.

After the health and safety guarantee, we can transform the landfill into a recreational green space by planting appropriate vegetation. The landfill landscape is then aesthetically appreciative.

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