The new generation momentum is coming to town

The 24/7 monitoring system, a web-based platform, 5G transmission, and real-time warning are the modern digitalisation adaptation. A remote monitoring system supported by a user-friendly platform empowers authorised users to keep an eye on the status through a spectrum of web-enabled gadgets, including smartphones and tablets even when they are away from the scene. 

The current demand for vibration monitoring sets the future improvement criterion of infrastructure redevelopment, facilitating the safe expansion work during operation hours. The complexity of the expansion project is not merely construction and demolition but also disruptive environmental impacts. Noise, vibration, dust are examples that we need to monitor to avoid the immediate harmful implications for critical operation such as in hospital. The unattended live-to-web monitoring can critically reshape life-and-death circumstances as referring to our real case study. 

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Another enhancement sector is about communicating the environmental impacts through visualisation. By harnessing the virtual reality (VR) with a 3-dimensional (3D) visual perspective, we can add our external idea into the simulated environment to virtual test the practicability. Thoroughly to learn the project environment, the authorities and stakeholders are effortlessly to recognise the potential externality before moving on development projects. 

The recent innovation is the 4D VR experience. Virtually being in the built environment, the user is standing at one point wearing the VR headset and holding the controller to handle the direction and the action in the scene. For example, the user audibly recognises the noise level differences upon the window open and closure by wearing the headphones.

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The discovery of automated monitoring, 3D visualisation, 4D virtual reality advancement is not without reason. This is the smart city solution in mitigating environmental concerns to appraise alternatives, evaluate the effectiveness of different scenarios, and inspect the big picture of the overall design performance. Stakeholders are encouraged to express ideas and further review the project outcome with the direct digital illustration method.

Photo above: Concept of engaging stakeholders by 3D and 4D in environmental projects for development

To learn about 3D digitalisation applications, see “The 3D environmental impact assessment”; 4D virtual reality training practice, see “The 4D movement in environmental discipline”, and post-project stakeholder engagement, see ”What is the acoustic window story”.

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